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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your Chocolate Personality

I want to begin by saying this post is just for fun!  There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in what I'm saying.  No matter what kind of chocolates you prefer, I'm sure you are a perfectly healthy and well-adjusted individual.  Let's just take a little breather from the seriousness of diabetes and wellness this St. Valentine's Day eve - and have a little fun! 

What do ya say???  Good - let's go!

Do you enjoy an assorted box of chocolates?  You are a very easy-going person.  You are the one who goes with the flow and says "whatever" when asked where you would like to go for dinner.  You are well liked by others because of your flexibility and ability to roll with the punches.  You are not a high-maintenance individual and enjoy all facets of life with a casual outlook and attitude.
Maybe you tend to back away from the total chocolate experience and prefer your chocolate be more of an accessory.  If you enjoy things like strawberries dipped in chocolate, you are a more sensual and romantic individual and probably more health conscious.  You are not only warm and loving, but you care about others and can be counted on as a friend.  You want the chocolate experience without the added calories.  You enjoy social functions where there is a chocolate fountain and a tray full of assorted goodies to dip!  Use the toothpicks, please! 

Ultra-dark chocolate lovers tend to be vivacious extroverts!  You are the really cool person on your block!  You don't listen to any one's advice, but march to the beat of your own drummer.  Although you are a bit materialistic, you love people and love to throw parties - and do so effortlessly.

Do you love mint in your chocolate?  Interestingly, both mint and onions stimulate the same nerve (the nerve that makes you cry when you cut onions) and show a person's ability to endure stress.  You have a great ability to think quick on your feet and can usually handle stressful situations better than others.  You are a stable and strong personality and known to others as the one who "has your act together."   You are bold and opinionated in your thinking.  You are not easily knocked off your game and love a good debate.    Not much throws you in life, but if you are wrong, you are not quick to admit it.

Are you a fan of classic creamy milk chocolate?  You are probably a very sensitive and intuitive individual.  You take your time when making decisions and hate to be rushed.  Being impulsive is not a character trait of yours.  You plan each step of the way very meticulously and you do not like surprises of any kind!  You like to live in the past and often talk about the good old days.  You are compassionate by nature and probably have a deep respect for nature. 

If your chocolate has to have some caramel in it, you are a real force to be reckoned with!  You don't like to give up the remote control, but you do set goals and meet them.  You are a real power in business circles - very detail oriented and focused in your thinking.  You have a greater attention span and are patient with those working for you.  You are the best kind of boss because you don't seek to flaunt power over anyone, but instead you encourage others and bring out the best in your employees.

Feeling a little nutty?  If you enjoy nutty and chunky chocolate, you are adventurous and love surprises!  You are super-friendly and a nurturer.  You can be a little nutty and speak out of turn at times, but you make up for it by being very open-hearted and generous with others.  You are anxious to share knowledge and love substance over style.  Your casual view of things can be mistaken for laziness.  You prefer a challenge or an adventure any day to an organized activity. You are a free spirit who is continuously testing the limits.  

How about the coffee-filled chocolates?  If you prefer coffee in your chocolate you are open to new ideas and a problem solver.  You are an optimistic individual and willing to take risks.  Others can mistake your optimism for impatience and see you as overly anxious and immature, but you see yourself as a determined go-getter.

Is there some peanut butter in your favorite chocolate?  If so, then you are a very fun loving person who likes to laugh!  You don't take life too seriously and people like to hang out with you.  You are very warm-hearted and a bit on the sensitive side.  Your wit and humor are contagious!

Do chocolate covered fruits appeal to you?  If so, then you like to step outside the box and are just a little bit on the quirky side.  Although you are energetic, passionate and exciting, you have a tendency to be high-maintenance and very creative.  You are definitely a right-brain thinker.

If bitter chocolate happens to be your thing, you are authoritative and well respected by others.  You are unwavering and determined but your inflexible attitude comes across as stubbornness.  You are not the easiest person to live with, so choose your mate carefully.

Is a piece of chocolate-covered coconut your favorite?  You are most likely a lover and a dreamer.  You have some pretty lofty ideas but may or may not put them down on paper.  You have good intentions but don't always follow-through with your plans. 

If you like Turkish Delight, you are simple, earthy, spiritual and harmonious. 

You are a social, talkative and optimistic individual if your favorite chocolate is a chocolate-covered marshmallow.

White chocolate is not really chocolate at all, but if this happens to be your favorite, you have an innate sense of fairness and believe you have the power of the universe at your command.

One piece of information I found was regarding your attitude toward sex.  It seems to matter how you dispose of your candy wrapper.  Apparently, if you just crinkle the wrapping before throwing it away you probably have too many thoughts on your mind and can't concentrate in bed.  If you roll the wrapper into a ball before throwing it away, you are having a boring sex life.  Hmm...  who knew?  More to the point...  who cared?

I actually don't do either one.  I carefully fold my wrapper, making sure it is even - in fourths.  I fold it once, twice, three times and finally the fourth time. 

I'm not sure I even want to know what that means!

So, there we have it!  When you go to get your sweetheart her favorite chocolate, you can see how close these descriptions really get. 

My personal favorite is chocolate-covered cherries.  I am energetic, passionate and exciting.  I'm also major big time high-maintenance.  Guilty!

Chocolate-covered cherries!  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!


Today is GET A DIFFERENT NAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm intrigued by this day because a name like Linda can get lost in the shuffle very easily.  I used to ask my mom why she didn't at least spell it differently - but no, I'm just plain ol' boring Linda.  So...  just for today, I'm going to be Simone.   





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