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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Share your Energy

How important is the power of touch - and how much does it affect a person's overall wellness?  You may not have even given this a second thought, but I invite you to explore this topic with me.

Have you ever wondered why massage therapy is now one of the most popular ways for people to de-stress and relax?  We all crave the nurturing and calming experience that massage provides. 

Today I was privileged to have lunch with someone who recently lost her husband.  She made the statement that the house that they shared for over thirty years now seemed so much larger than it had before.  She said she felt so much colder in it now.  We shared lunch, but more than that - we got to share some fond memories and hugs. 

Why is isolation in a prison considered a punishment?  No human being wants to be, or chooses to be, completely alone when given a choice.  We all know people who claim they could be - but deep down inside we were made for connection.  There is power in touch.

How about something as seemingly innocent and simple as a high-five?  When you reach your hand out for someone else to high-five, it's not a lasting connection, but it is touch. 

When we meet someone for the first time we shake hands.  Again, there's a connection between people.  Making the other person feel valued as a person and respecting them with a friendly handshake is not just a formality.   

Reaching out to hold the hand of someone who lives alone can mean so much.  We were made for interaction and touch is a large part of that.  To make a person feel loved and appreciated as a human being is vital to their well being.  And I'll tell you something - it helps yours too. 

In a world full of lonely people, can you find someone who needs your healing touch today?  You'll be amazed how much good it will do you too!

Energy - it's a good thing!


After writing such a positive and inspiring blog post, I hesitate to share this with you, but today is MOMENT OF FRUSTRATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!  I want to focus mainly on one word - MOMENT.  It does not say you can go around with a load of frustration weighing you down all day long - it says moment of frustration.  You are allowed just a moment to be frustrated - then it's back to business as usual and a positive attitude and outlook, ok???


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