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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wellness A-Z: M = Meet and Manage Limitations

M=Meet and Manage Limitations
I suppose this is a lesson I learned as a small child.  In the third grade, my parents were told that I was reading and writing at a first grade level.  I did not see any tears or screams or hear "Oh No!"  Mom and dad remained very calm, cool, collected, and I remember there was a discussion about it.  There was no blame, no name calling and no raised voices.  No one got negative and gave up!

Meeting the limitations in life - or the challenges - with a degree of positive thinking and attitude goes a long way.  Dyslexia did not keep me from pursuing my dream of being an effective communicator.  I worked - I worked very hard to overcome this limitation.  Summer school and special education classes became the normal routine in my life.  Did it bother me when the other kids called me ugly names and made stupid gestures at me?  Sure it did.  There was bullying even back then.  But I didn't complain because I knew there was going to be a better life in the end.  And so there was - and is!  My story is not over yet - we're just getting to the good part now!

My parents were such great role models to me.  The way you face a limitation or challenge mentally makes a big difference.  If they would have belittled or blamed me for my disability, imagine the scar that would have left on me.  I'm so thankful to them because they just took the next step.  Whatever needed to happen next, it happened.  I have Dyslexia - but Dyslexia does NOT have me!  Do I still have to do eye exercises to stay strong?  Yes, I do!  I'll be doing those for the rest of my life.  Is it worth it?  Oh, you bet! 

I have Type 2 Diabetes - but Type 2 Diabetes does NOT have me!  I refuse to be defined by the limitations I live with!  That is not going to happen.  With this disease, I have decided to learn just as much as I can about it and fight it with every weapon possible.  Every day I just thank God that He has given me one more day to fight.  If it's a day with no further complications from the disease, that is a great day!

Today I can read (and I read a LOT).  I love all forms of communication!  If what I write in this blog can help someone else, then my work here has not been in vain.  It's my hope and prayer to receive more opportunities to write about the alkaline lifestyle and the impact it has had on my Type 2 Diabetes.  My A1c has never been happier - and numbers don't lie.   

Have a happy and healthy day!

What can I say?  Sometimes these cute videos win out!!!


Hey, guess what today is?  It's NATIONAL SPOUSE'S DAY!!!!!  So, if you're married, do something sweet for your significant other.  It might just make them speechless - and wouldn't that be a first for most of us?


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