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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prayer for Thanksgiving

God always answers prayers.  Sometimes it's "yes."  Sometimes the answer is "no."  Sometimes it's "you gotta be kidding."  -Jimmy Carter

Have you ever received the answer "you gotta be kidding" from God?  I have!  And as a general rule, when I look back on the situation, eventually I can understand the reason for that answer. 

When I first started getting serious about better managing my Type 2 Diabetes, I began seeking God for help, guidance and wisdom in decision making.  I did not begin this journey lightly with the attitude that if I fail it's not a big deal.  This most certainly is a very big deal, probably the biggest deal in my entire life because it involves the quality of life I will have in the future.

With thanksgiving in my heart I'm happy to say that God gave me a great big YES and a green light and a thumbs-up when I asked Him to help me turn my Type 2 Diabetes around.  God is so GOOD to me! 

Today the going is a little harder because I'm lacking some motivation to get moving.  Isn't it difficult to exercise on Holidays anyway???  Who wants to do that??? 

I have so MUCH to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  My faith, family, friends and my ever-improving health (that's a biggie!)  God is my strength at all times - and I do not apologize for that!  He gives me so much wisdom in decision making as I travel this path.  I praise Him always!

Dear Heavenly Father,
I bow before You today with a humble heart and spirit, asking that You will walk beside me today and protect me from the temptations that surround me.  The temptation to eat or drink something I shouldn't, the temptation to give up because this is just too hard, the temptation to become discouraged or depressed because for some unknown reason I have this disease.  It's my desire to not only turn my own disease process around, but to help other type 2 diabetics do the same thing.  I rely fully on You and on Your strength today to help me meet all of my goals - the diet, the exercise, the hydration and finally the attitude.  Make me a positive influence on others as I make this difficult journey.  Thank You so much, Father, for hearing and answering my prayer.  It's in Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

I wish you a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!!!  God bless you extra-special good today!!!

For this Thanksgiving, I thought you might like to hear Brianna Haynes sing, "Thank You".


Today is GO FOR A RIDE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Some of you will be riding off to visit family for Thanksgiving.  Some of you will be wanting an opportunity to ride somewhere to get away from family at Thanksgiving.  Some of you will just be riding around aimlessly with no particular destination in mind.  Whatever you choose to do - ride safely!

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