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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Gratitude Adjustment

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  - Psalm 150:6

There is a simple and direct hymn (prayer) we sing every Sunday to our God:


Not just on Thanksgiving day, but every day we need to practice gratitude.  That attitude of gratitude can be practiced every single day - and should be!

The Bible tells us to praise the Lord.  And while that does not necessarily mean we run around with our hands up in the air making a spectacle about it - it does mean that in our hearts and minds we keep that constant state of thanksgiving to God for all He has bestowed on us - and be content with what we have.

A sense of peace and an attitude of gratitude go hand in hand, and directly affect wellness.   A spirit of discontent just stirs up all sorts of bad feelings and things like hate, jealousy, envy and if you don't deal with those it can manifest itself physically.  Sometimes issues like headaches, backaches and certainly depression can stem from improper attitudes and thought patterns.

The other day I caught myself beginning to fall into this very trap.  My insurance man came to see me at my house.  He drove up in a brand new vehicle and my first thought was, "Well, business must be pretty good!"  I had to stop it right there - I was heading down the wrong path with that one single thought.  While it's true, I drive a 2006 and the warranty just ran out on it (which means you know something will go wrong, right?) - I didn't need to have a rotten attitude toward my insurance man for having a nice vehicle.  He works hard for his money and so that's nice that he can have such a nice car. 

I had to turn that switch off - and get re-focused on all my blessings - all the good things in my life.  God has blessed me richly!  How many times has God helped me with my diabetes when I didn't know what to do?  So many times I have lost count!  He's helped me find health care professionals who have been so good to help and show me the diet and exercise plan that is best for me.  I have wonderful chiropractic care because God led me to the right people.  If you feel as though you do not have what you need today, did you think to ask God for it?  Sometimes we have not because we ask not.  In an attitude of gratitude - just ask.  

His love endures forever!  His grace is truly amazing!  I praise Him with every breath in me - and will until the breath leaves my body!  Praise God from Whom ALL BLESSINGS flow!  Have a safe, happy and blessed Thanksgiving!  God bless you - with all rich blessings!

Here's Doxology - enjoy!



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