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Friday, November 9, 2012

My Old Yellow Car

I have so many fond memories of both my parents, but my dad was such a unique individual in so many ways.  I lost my daddy 24 years ago last November 3rd.  I miss him every day in so many ways. 

When my daddy got the "bug" to buy a car, there was no telling what in the world he was gonna drag home with him - it could be a space ship and I don't think mama would even bat an eyelash.  So, in 1967 when daddy showed up from work one day with a different car, my mama just took it in stride and said, "What kind is it?"

Daddy replied with excitement and pride in his voice, "Betty Joe, this is a station wagon!"  Then he went on to tell more about this car, as though he didn't think we could live one more day without it - but the thing I remember most vividly about it was the color.  It was a bright yellow station wagon with black and white accents and a lot of chrome. 

Having that car made me the most popular kid in the 2nd grade!  Mama never drove, so my daddy took us kids on field trips and stuff.  He was the only room father among all the other kids' room mothers.  It was a unique situation, to say the least.  Every kid wanted to ride in my dad's cool yellow station wagon!  I had a blast in that thing!  Daddy drove the bluebirds on their outings and to camp and when it was time to go to church camp, guess who drove?  Yep - my dad!

In the Summer time on the weekends, daddy and I used to go out to the old fishing hole.  We used to sit on the tailgate and fish for hours.  We never caught much, but it's not about what you catch - it's about spending time with your daddy, right?

At the local drive-in they showed great movies on the weekends as well.  My mama used to make a picnic supper and we'd pack the blankets and pillows and stuff in the back of the station wagon.  Daddy would find the perfect spot, then back in.  We put that tailgate down and sat there and ate our supper while we watched the movie!  I think my mama's fried chicken probably made my eyelids heavy, because I never got to see the end of any of the movies. 

I think that car is the reason my favorite color is yellow.  Yellow is just a very happy color - and when I think about that old station wagon, it triggers some very happy memories of my childhood. 

Here's Lacy J. Dalton singing, "My Old Yellow Car".


Put on your seatbelt 'cuz it's gonna be a bumpy ride!  Today is CHAOS NEVER DIES DAY!!!!!!!!  We've had this conversation - about how it's just easier to ride out the chaos than to react to it.  So, when it comes just know that it won't stay for long.  A more calm day is on the horizon. 


Kelly Booth said...

That is a good reaosn to have a favorite color - they should bring back happy memories!

Jeanne Ruczhak-Eckman said...

What great memories! Thanks for sharing.