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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Bet You Didn't Know...

I bet you didn't know that 88.3% of my wardrobe is green!  Do you care?  That was not the question, so I don't really care if you care or not! 

Now, green is not particularly my favorite color, as some people have suspected.  I have a lot of green clothing, and until now, I could not pinpoint the exact reasons why I choose so many garments in green.  I think I've had a breakthrough now, and can finally explain my thought process.  Please read the following disclaimer before you read my list:

You are about to enter a scary place called Linda's brain.  I'm not responsible for any thought residue or fallout that may occur.  If any concept or idea happens to become a part of your future thought process when purchasing clothing, don't complain to me about it.  Read this post at your own risk.  You've been warned.

Reason #1:  How many "Regulation Holidays" have green as a main color?  I mean, think about it (not too hard). Let's go down the list.  Let's see, there's

New Year's Eve - a dark emerald green works just fine for a night out on the town.   

The ever-popular Valentine's Day - and I can hear you say, "Ah-ha!  That is a RED or PINK holiday".  You are so wrong!  The Fourth Chakra, or Heart Chakra is actually either green or pink.

Not everyone celebrates St. Patrick's Day - but in our home we do.  And it goes without saying, we have to wear green on that day or we end up wearing black and blue skin!  Getting pinched all day long is no fun!  We just go with it - wear the green and save the skin!

For Easter, I like to pair a light Spring green with pale pink.  I work with children and when they go out to hunt Easter eggs, there's always a chance that you can slide around in the grass and get a dandy grass stain.  If I'm already wearing green, the stain does not show so badly.  I rest my case.

And my next green go-to Holiday is, of course, Christmas.  I go back to the darker shades of green and definitely long sleeves.  Brr... 

Reason #2:  This alludes a little to my "Easter Sunday" logic.  If I'm out in my back yard and happen to slip on the wet grass, if I land on my old green shirt, chances are the stain will not be so noticeable. 

Reason #3:  When I walk early in the morning, green acts as perfect camouflage.  I'm doing everyone a favor.  I don't have to feel conspicuous as I walk along the sidewalk in my neighborhood, and I don't unnecessarily nauseate my neighbors first thing in the morning!

Reason #4:  When I wear a certain shade of green, people have the mistaken idea that I work at a job that requires scrubs.  People wearing scrubs are looked up to in certain circles.  I generally end up washing my car or something in that outfit, but first I go out in public just for the reaction factor!  I like gaining undeserved respect from perfect strangers!  Wearing scrubs is actually pretty cool!  

Reason #5:  There are some people in my life who get a little annoyed when I wear a certain green shirt with a certain football team's name on it.  Why would I pass up the chance to annoy my friends?  It's just nuts not to take advantage of that window of opportunity!  To pass up fun like that is just crazy! 

So much for our mental health release for the day! 

Here's Kermit to remind us...  It's not EASY being green!


Today is PINS & NEEDLES DAY!!!!!!!!!!  If you know how to sew or use these things, then knock yourself out today.  If you dont' have a creative bone in your body (like me), then just hug a crafty person today!






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