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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Diabetes and the Dental Dilema

My health plan doesn't cover dental, so I enrolled my teeth as 32 dependents, each needing a complete physical once a year.  - Robert Brault

Right now, my dental insurance is really bugging me.

As diabetics, it's important that we get our scheduled cleanings on time to prevent gum disease.  I was told that my cleanings should be done every four months instead of the typical six months.

I'd love to comply with their recommendations, but it's doubtful that my dental insurance will allow it, and since I'm not made of money... I'll probably just have to do the best I can and keep my cleanings at twice a year like everyone else.

It's a little frustrating for diabetics because we try to do as we're told but the insurance companies have strict rules and if they're not obeyed, I end up paying out of pocket.  It'd be so blissful if everyone would agree to be on the same page where my disease is concerned. 

My policy clearly states that they will cover two cleanings a year.  There's no special circumstance outlined for diabetics.  It comes down to being compliant if I want my cleanings to be paid for.

Hopefully, at some point in the future insurance companies will realize that diabetics need more frequent dental cleanings than healthy individuals.  I certainly want to keep my own teeth for just as long as possible.  If I could pay for that extra cleaning out of pocket every year I certainly would not mind doing that if it meant a better chance that I'd maintain good oral health.

I just wish everyone would get on the same page about what diabetics need.  If the insurance company would cover a cleaning every four months, I'm sure that decision would result in an increase in my premium.  So probably either way I'd pay more in the end. 

It may sound like I'm ungrateful for what I do have, and I don't mean to sound like I'm not thankful.  I'm glad I have dental insurance and that it covers two cleanings a year!  But there really ought to be certain exceptions made for those of us with a chronic illness.  If my dentist thinks that every four months would be better since I'm diabetic, then perhaps the insurance company should take another look at what they cover and try to accomodate my needs a little better. 

This is just one more reason I would love to better manage my disease and make all of the complications go away!  That would be the best thing ever!

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