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Friday, November 16, 2012

Bridge of Hope

If I were to say the word stone, what would pop into your mind?  Don't think too hard about it, just say the first thing that shows up there.  How often do you hear the word stone in a day?  Your answer would probably be similar to mine.  Unless you have a job working with stone, you more than likely don't hear it that often.  What's the difference between a stone and a rock?  Well, a stone is generally a smooth surface, where a rock tends to be more jagged.

A very strange and bizarre trend took place a couple of months ago on facebook.  Two different friends, one very old and one very new, sent me references regarding stones!  Now, I've learned through the years, when this happens, it's God's way of speaking to me.  I've also learned that I need to sit up and listen!  Actually, I usually need to shut up and listen.

My forever friend sent me the following message:

Every person is given the same amount of stones in life.  It is their choice whether they will build a wall, or build a bridge with the stones they're given.

I thought, "Oh yeah, that's really cool".  But then, my very new friend posted:

Skip stones across the water.

My initial reaction was, "Whoa!"  It goes without saying that this included the chills running up my spine simultaneously.  The references just astounded me - piqued my curiosity as to what God is trying to say to me.  

I have a painting in my living room called "Bridge of Hope".  My last parent had just gone on to heaven and I was at a crossroads.  I wanted to build a wall - a very tall wall.  I had my stones neatly stacked all around me - they were stacked up to my shoulders.  I was so engulfed in grief and misery, but when I saw "Bridge of Hope"...  something in me snapped back into reality! 

That painting was not anything magical, but rather served as a reminder to my spirit - the real me.  My spirit was nearly crushed under the burden of loss.  Losing my daddy, then mama and all the other loss - it was all too much!  But when I saw that painting and realized that we are all indeed given stones along with a free will - a choice as to how they will be utilized, it made all the difference in my attitude toward the future.

I have chosen to build my bridge - and I am crossing over - and hope is on the other side.  Oh, it does not mean I will ever forget the losses.  That's never going to happen!  But it means that I choose to stand on my bridge - and yes, once in a while I look back at the path I've come from, but more and more, I have a tendency to stand on my tiptoes (because I'm short) and try to see just as far the other way as I can.  For the first time in a very long time, I'm excited about my future. 

My loved ones are gone and life will never be the same.  It will not be better than it used to be, but it's up to me to make sure it's not worse either.  So, I'm going to mix my metaphors, with your kind permission.  I'm going to stand on my bridge, look out at the still waters below and take a few small stones from my pocket and skip them on the water! 

This is where I am until God moves me a bit further toward the other end of the bridge.  I cannot turn around and go back.  That's not even almost an option at this point.  Right now, I'm happy to just be in the center of my bridge skipping stones.  I will walk all the way across the bridge eventually, but don't rush me. 

Grief is so personal, it varies from individual to individual, but for me, just when I think I'm doing fine, I see, hear, touch, smell, feel something and...  well, it feels as though I've gone all the way back to the beginning of my grieving process again.  Thankfully, those times are getting fewer and farther between.  But this is a rough time of year for me, I'll be honest.  I lost my mom on Sept. 28th and my dad on Nov.1st.   

It's my hope and prayer that I continue to take baby steps across the bridge of hope until one day I can stand securely on the other bank and be able to yell across the water, "Thank You, Lord...  for helping me make it safely across the bridge of hope!"  He's faithful - He will do it!

Sometimes in life, our spirits are nearly gone. Sometimes we feel so crushed and broken and overwhelmed that we do not even see where we are going. We are just out there walking to keep the heart beating and the circulation moving. But if that is all we can do and we are doing it that is still being faithful...not quitting...giving it our best.  - Ann Kiemel

I hope you enjoy this wonderful video!


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