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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gathering Pine Cones

Everyone has their own personal routine or ritual when it comes to decorating for the holidays.  A certain style with which they deck their halls, as it were.  This time of year you will see me out along our main street picking up pine cones.  We have several lovely pine trees lining our street and the most beautiful pine cones.  It's a shame to leave them there on the ground unused, so I use them for decoration.  I enjoy gathering the pine cones almost as much as putting my arrangements together!  I go out with a large wicker basket and pick up the most perfect pine cones.  Some of them look as though they've been used as ammunition for target practice by someone - those are left on the ground. 

Only the nicest ones are chosen to be part of my fall decor.

As part of my mantel piece, I use fresh cinnamon sticks and cloves along with the pine cones.  I also break open an orange spice teabag which enhances the scent of Autumn that much more!

There are usually enough pine cones to do at least four or five vignettes throughout the house.  By the time it's finished, the house is filled with such a yummy scent - it always makes me want to brew some orange spice tea!

We usually keep our fall decorations up until around the middle of December.  Then it's time to put the fall stuff away and put up the Christmas tree and all those decorations!  I believe my favorite season is Autumn, though.  I enjoy gathering my fresh pine cones every year and making new and different arrangements. 

Here's to Autumn... and nesting... and imagination in decorating!  Happy Fall, Y'all!!!

Here's a great video showing how pinecones can be used!



Even though candy corn is relatively healthy in moderation, as all Type 2 Diabetics can testify, it does contain massive amounts of SUGAR!!!!!!  I caution you to use common sense when indulging to avoid a spike in blood glucose! 
I LOVE these shoes!!!

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