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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Smell My Feet

You know how it goes...  come on - say it with me...  Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, give me somethin' GOOD to eat!  See - and some of you didn't think you could act like a kid anymore!  It does us all good to be a little kid once in a while.  It's good for the soul!  Keeps us young at heart!  Keeps us well!

The weather could not have been better here this evening!  We sat out in our garage to hand out treats this year, which in years past would have been crazy - it would have been way too cold.  But tonight the weather was absolutely perfect - could not have been nicer!

We had about a dozen kids and had just enough candy.  I'm always happy when there are not any leftovers because that eliminates temptation for me!  I admit it, if candy is around it's definitely a temptation for me.  That's why we don't keep it around!

I saw little creatures of every conceivable type.  I think in my mind I was doing a little costume contest - and while I would never tell the kids, I think the winner in my mind was the little Dalmatian puppy who came across the street.  Our neighbor's little girl was absolutely adorable in her Dalmatian costume!  But she is just as cute as a button anyway!  Sweet little girl.

I don't know whether the little ones are taught the same kind of stuff I was taught at their age.  Does anyone ever say that little poem anymore?  I've not heard it in a long time.  I guess that ages me, but oh well.  When I was a kid we said it when we got to our neighbor's front door!  Well, times are a-changing I guess.

We actually had one little boy come up and look in the bucket and say, "I don't like ANY of those things!"  Then he sharply turned and marched off.  That took me aback a little.  At first I thought, "What a spoiled little kid!"  But then I decided he just obviously had a good idea of what he likes and does not like.  I guess that's alright.  There was more for the other kids who did like what we had!

Hope you had fun this evening with your little ghosts and goblins!

Here's some cute costumes.


Today is also CARVE A PUMPKIN DAY!!!!!!  There are some very important things to remember when carving a pumpkin.  Not everyone is talented with a huge knife!  If you decide to carve a pumpkin, please do so safely!

Thanks to Hensler Nursery, Inc. for these safety reminders:

1. The Workstation
Set up your carving workstation on a well-lit dry surface. You don’t want those pumpkins to slip and slide! Use a tray or jar to store your tools when not in use. If the kids are going to help, make sure they can easily reach the work surface.
2. Keep the Kids Safe
If children are involved, they should be supervised at all times. Ask the younger kids to help by decorating with glue sticks and glitter, magic markers and other child-friendly materials. Older children could help punch out the design on the pumpkin, and if they’re permitted to use a knife, encourage them to work slowly and monitor them at all times.
3. Knife Selection
If you’re reaching for a chef’s knife, please put it down now! A small knife with a short serrated blade is your best bet for pumpkin carving. The knife that’s included in a pumpkin carving kit you find at the store is a great example of what you should use. That type of knife usually has a serrated blade that’s not as sharp as the kitchen knives you have at home. Sharper isn’t better when it comes to pumpkin carving, and the serrated edge will make your work even easier.
4. Point the Blade Away
Point the blade edge away from you as much as possible while carving out the design. If your hand slips or you loose control of the blade, you’re less likely to get cut.
5. Saw Instead of Slice
Gently saw back and forth through the pumpkin to complete your design. Take your time and avoid the urge to make big slices so that you don’t injure yourself.
6. Let the Force Be With You
Wielding your knife with a gentle force is best. Applying a lot of power to your knife can more easily result in injury if the blade slips our you slice through your pumpkin.
7. Watch Where You Put Your Hands
Be mindful of where you put your free hand while carving. If you use one of your hands to steady the pumpkin, be cautious that you don’t poke or slice all the way through the pumpkin to the other side.
8. Battery Power is Best
Forget about candles. They create a fire hazard and it’s not worth the risk. Battery powered lights are best when it’s time to illuminate your pumpkin. Wrap a short string of lights around a canning jar or small vase and place it inside the pumpkin for maximum illumination.

Now...  go carve a pumpkin - and have fun!!!


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