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Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween and the Wee D's

I feel really sorry for the tiny tots who have been diagnosed with diabetes.  Halloween must really be a challenge for them and for their parents.  The more I read blogs from type 1's, however, the more I realize that they use things like special icing (comes in assorted flavors) to deal with their lows.  I recently read the blog of a type 1 who graphically described a low she had in the middle of the night and how she reached for the icing and "downed" it.  She was awakened by a nightmare (a common occurrence) and realized her blood sugar was crashing.  At the end of her post she made the comment, "all I had left was the remnant of a nightmare and red teeth from the strawberry icing."   

I really don't envy the number of lows that Type 1's get - or when they get them.  But I'll tell ya what - to be honest - every once in a while I'd like to dive into some strawberry flavored icing!  I suppose Type 2's can use the icing, but if I'm an example of a Type 2, I can say I don't have that many lows.  I've had a couple of packets of "level" glucose gel in my dresser drawer for a few months.  I have not had to use them yet!  My problem tends to be the highs, not the lows.

As I was doing some research about the best Halloween treats to buy the wee D's, I sensed a couple of patterns:  the obvious pattern is that of "sugar-free" treats, which makes sense.  The other pattern was that of chocolate-covered nuts.  Nuts are a good source of protein and if they are covered with dark chocolate, then that's better yet.  The most common sense approach to treat giving this Halloween has to do with portion control.  Every site I checked stated that people should purchase the snack size bags and not the regular size bars.  This insures that the kids get just a little bit of a treat - and after they've gone to a dozen houses, they don't end up with too much.  It will still be a lot of candy, and it's up to parents to divvy it out to them, but portion control is key. 

You can have any food you desire in a day, you just can not have every bit of food you want in the same day.  You must make intelligent choices and be held accountable.  - Tasha Cooper, Diabetic Educator

Here are some of my personal favorites. 

Under the sugar-free column we have:

Sugar-free Peppermint Patties (snack size)
2 pieces
55 calories
19 g. carb
0 g. sugar

Sugar-free Gummy Bears
12 pieces
35 calories
14 g. carb
0 g. sugar

Sugar-free Mini Peanut Butter Cups
4 pieces
145 calories
22 g. carb
0 g. sugar

If you'd rather get chocolate that is not sugar-free, these are good choices:

Snack-size chocolate cookie Bar
1 piece
70 calories
4 g. fat
9 g. carb
7 g. sugar

Snack-size bag chocolate covered Almonds
1 bag
110 calories
6 g. fat
12 g. carb
10 g. sugar

Snack-size Dark Chocolate with Almonds
3 nuggets
165 calories
15 g. carb
12 g. sugar

Snack-size caramel peanut Bar
1 bar
80 calories
1 g. fat
10 g. carb
8 g. sugar

100 calories Crisp Wafer Bar
100 calories
5 g. fat
12 g. carb
9 g. sugar

And last, but not least, there are a few full-sugar, low-fat choices:

Strawberry Twists
1 regular sized twist
40 calories
0 g. fat
9 g. carb
5 g. sugar

Hard candies
3 pieces
50 calories
13 g. carb
7 g. sugar

Fruit by the Foot - Strawberry
1 roll
80 calories
1 g. fat
17 g. carb
9 g. sugar

Caramel Apple Pop
1 pop
60 calories
5 g. fat
15 g. carb
10 g. sugar

1 pop
60 calories
16 g. carb
13 g. sugar

So, there is a way to make this Halloween SPOOKTACULAR for all our wee D's!  Our diets are all about exchanges - and the same rule applies to all foods, including candy.  Obviously we're not going to live on junk like this, so we should not just flat-out deny the fun associated with Halloween to kids.  They're only little once, and it's only one day out of the year.  If we're just smart about the high fat content in some candies and the high sugar content in others, then the balance will come into play.  With a little knowledge we can better relax and just enjoy the day!  Happy Halloween!!!

What would halloween be without Thriller - ???  Enjoy!


Today is NATIONAL FRANKENSTEIN DAY!!!!!!!!!!  Like the poster says, bring out your inner freak and party like you're Boris Kharloff in 1931!!!  Have fun!!!

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