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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Close Call

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  - Romans 8:28

God has been so good to me throughout my life.  Today He once again kept me from harm as I was driving to the chiropractor's office.  When my foot gets as bad as it was - numb and tingly, sometimes it's difficult for me to feel the pedal when I need to hit the brake.  To get to the doctor's office I have to drive down a stretch of dirt road.  I was going along at about 35 mph when out of nowhere a squirrel jumped right in front of my car!  I hate it when that happens because I never want to actually hit a critter!

I swerved to miss it - and luckily I did, but the car was on a portion of road that was like a washboard and because I had just hit the brake so hard, the car began to bounce toward the deep ditch at the side of the road.  It was one of those moments when all you can do is say, "Lord, help me!"  One of those short and sweet prayers.  God did help because my car stopped just short of going in the ditch!  The squirrel escaped a sure death, and I escaped embarrassment. 

Since I arrived at the doctor's office with both my car and myself in one piece, I was in an extremely good mood and began to tease some of the staff a little bit.  That's always my favorite thing to do - and I'm sure they love to see me come in the door every two weeks.  Err - well, hopefully they do.

I don't know how my chiropractor does it, but by the time I walked out of his office my leg and foot had the feeling restored in it.  It's like when your leg has been asleep and it's starting to wake up.  By the time I got out to my car, I had the feeling back in my leg!  Such a great feeling to be able to drive and not look down at the pedals to direct my foot!  I have a friend who tried to teach me how to drive with both feet, but I never could get the hang of it. 

When I got back home I decided to take my usual mile walk - and did just fine.  There's just a little burning sensation but that's a lot better than numbness and needles and pins!  No pain would be the best, but I'll take the cards I'm dealt.

I will give you the wisdom to say things that none of your enemies will be able to stand against or prove wrong. - Luke 21:15

It's been a very busy day, but I'm so blessed!  I pray that this adjustment will hold until my next one in two weeks.  They usually hold the entire two weeks, as long as I do my stretches and exercise.  

There are far, far better things ahead than ANYTHING we leave behind. 
- C.S. Lewis

Tonight I will be watching the debate and praying for the freedoms this nation now takes for granted.  Listen to Lee Greenwood as he sings "God Bless The USA".  That song still means a great deal to me.


Do you know a "techie" who is under-appreciated?  Well, today is the day to appreciate the "techie" in your life.  It is TECHIE DAY!!!!!!!!!!   I sure do appreciate them - what I know about computers you could stuff in a thimble with room to spare!  

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