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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

There's Gonna be a Spoonin' Moon Tonight

This is known as a "spoonin' moon" here in Kansas
Tonight there is going to be a full moon.  I thought it might be a fun time to gather information about the full moon and its effects on everything from our eating habits to the cases of insomnia reported to how it affects human behavior.  Does a full moon directly affect our wellness?  Hmm...  I don't know.

Sometimes in preparing and researching for this blog, I am blown away by the quality (or lack thereof) in some facts I gather.  For instance, did you know that there is actually a "Moon Diet Plan"?  Yes.  In fact, there are two moon diet plans - the basic and extended versions.  Please allow me to share:

The basic moon diet plan consists of a 24-hour fasting day in which you consume only water and juice (you lost me already).  During the fasting day your body is cleansed of toxins, and you can lose up to 6 pounds of water weight in one day (reminds me of preparing for a colonoscopy).

The extended moon diet plan begins with a fasting day on a full moon, as described by the basic moon diet plan, then provides additional guidelines for weight loss and healthy eating during each of the major phases of the moon.

They claim that the benefit to the moon diet plan (other than rapid weight loss) is that it will detox your body and improve your immunity.  Well...  there are better ways to detox, but that's just my humble opinion. 

Popular legend has it that the full moon brings out the worst in people: more violence, more suicides, more accidents, more aggression.  The influence of the moon and behavior has been called "The Lunar Effect" or "The Transylvania Effect."  The term ''lunatic'' derives from the word ''luna'' the Latin term for moon, and is used to depict a person affected by periodic insanity, as if affected by the phases of the moon. 

Friends of mine in law enforcement swear up and down that the number of robberies and other violent crimes rise when there is a full moon.  I guess the thief wants to be able to see what he's doing better, so the full moon provides perfect lighting.  I don't know, but that's my theory.  The number goes up because it's just easier to see what you're doing.  I don't believe it's a "draw" from the moon itself. 

There are more medical emergencies during a full moon.  I think people are unable to sleep because it's too bright outside, so they start doing stuff and as a result they have accidents and need to call an ambulance.  I think it's all about the full moon making it so bright outside that people can't get to sleep. 

It's difficult for me to sleep when there's a full moon!

I've been guilty of staying up until the wee hours of the morning when there is a full moon, although thankfully I have fought the urge to go outside and begin howling. It's not easy but so far, so good.

Hands up everyone who wants to eat more when there is a full moon!  What's that all about???  I have a theory about that too - I think it's just boredom to some extent.  I mean, you're wandering around the house aimlessly when you should be sawing logs, right? 

So...  am I the only one who wanders into the kitchen and opens the refridgerator door and stares blankly in there with not an inkling of a clue what I want???  To give in and begin eating everything in the house in the middle of the night would definitely put a damper on my plan to lose that last 40 pounds.  Yeah - no, not going there again! 

It's a known fact that cats behave oddly when there is a full moon.  They get into more mischief and are injured more often during certain phases of the lunar cycle, particularly when the moon is fullest.  It's thought that this is because during a full moon there is more light at night which discourages calm restful sleep (isn't that what I've been saying???)  The risk of emergencies for cats on full moon days was 23 percent greater, compared to all other days.

If your cat appears to be a bit aggressive or moody on a full moon night, your observations can be actually on target. A study was conducted on the incidence of animal bites at the time of a full moon at a general hospital in an English city. The collected data reported that animal bites rose significantly at the time of a full moon with 56 cat bites making up 3.4 percent of the total animal bites. 

Cat owners as well can attest that their cats behave strangely when the moon shows its whole face.  Reported behaviors consisted of staring at nothing visible, running around, increased vocalizations,and acting aggressively towards other cats.

There is one good thing about a full moon.  A full moon in these parts is also referred to as a "spoonin' moon".  If you don't know what that means, then I feel really sorry for you.  If you have never been in a barn, in hay with your best beau when there's a spoonin' moon outside - girl, you just have not lived! 

Merle Travis was in a movie called "Spoonin' Moon" (with the Westerners and Judy Hayden) in the early 1950's.  My dad was a huge fan of Merle Travis, and I think that's probably how the term got so popular (in our house, at least), but I don't know that for a fact.

The Full Harvest Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox.  That's obviously not this one.  The next Full Harvest Moon will be on October 18, 2013.  Those are always fun because they're so close to Halloween. 

That brings to mind good times of my childhood.  At the Full Harvest Moon, we used to go on hayrack rides at one of the local farms.  We'd pile in the back of a flat open horse-drawn wagon and sit on hay bales.  Again, the hay and the beau and the moon.  That's livin'!  Then we'd build a bonfire and roast weiners and marshmallows.  Really nice memories and good times!  

My dad was the most superstitious person and believed lock, stock and barrel that the moon itself affected all sorts of things.  He also got very upset if I would leave a rocking chair rocking, or let a broom fall to the floor.  Heaven forbid if a bird were ever to fly into the house!  And if I saw a ladder I would walk an entire block out of my way to avoid it! 

Now, don't get me wrong, I loved and respected my daddy - he was my hero and I was a daddy's girl.  On this particular subject, however, I have to respectfully disagree with his point of view. 

It is my humble opinion that when there is a full moon, it just means that there is more light at night to do more stuff.  If people are up doing more stuff instead of sleeping, then they're going to get into mischief and get hurt.  They might have an accident because they're out driving instead of sleeping. 

And, if someone is going to commit a crime, especially robbery - well, a full moon just gives them a little more light to work by.  I believe it's just that simple.  I don't think it's some hocus pocus that the moon has over us.  But - I'm just a little ol' farm girl from Kansas.  What do I know?

Full moon rising - 4x timelapse.


Today is NATIONAL "JOE" DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can really get into this - my mom's middle name was JOE (yes, with an "E") and my favorite beverage on planet earth is coffee - a.k.a - JOE!!!  Yes - this is definitely a biggie for me!

Wow - there's a great idea - let's get some coffee to go and drink it so we can do all sorts of really stupid things tonight while there's a full moon!  Between the caffeine and the bright light the moon will provide, wow that should make everything so much better, don't 'cha think???  Woo-hoo!!!  Game on!



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