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beautiful than perpetual kindness."

- Gretchen Rubin

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Little Blogger that COULD

Today I am running laps around my studio!  If you could see how small this studio is, you would really be laughing like crazy right now!  I have written every day on this blog and today marks my 200th blog post!  I asked my very good friends on the DD Facebook page for suggestions as to how I might celebrate this awesome accomplishment.  They thought a sort of "review" or "recap" of the last six months may be a good idea.  I agree, so today I'd like to share my successes to date with you.

This blog is a total miracle to begin with.  I've struggled with dyslexia my entire life.  What most people accomplish in a matter of hours takes me days, sometimes weeks.  You can probably read a novel in a week.  If you give me about six months I can get 'er done.  Don't test me on what I read though because I may or may not remember.  Then people ask me why I have test anxiety.  Seriously???

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome when I was trying to start a family back in the 1980's.  That brought about depression and I "stuffed my feelings" with food.  Food became my friend and constant companion.  This sick and twisted relationship went on until one day I tipped the scales at 250 pounds!  My little 5'2" frame was overloaded and I felt just awful most of the time.  I developed a whole host of severe health problems including arthritis and recurring UTI's.  I should have had a C-PAP machine but didn't.  I apparently had an issue with snoring - or so my husband told me.  I don't know because I was...  you know...  sleeping! 

My best friend was a Diabetic Educator.  One morning before a potluck dinner at church, she asked if she could test my blood glucose (she carried a glucometer with her everywhere she went).  I let her test, and mind you, this was before we went through the line for lunch - my blood glucose was over 300!  I suddenly lost my appetite.

She took me into the sanctuary and sat me down.  She did her job - educated me about my disease.  She did not hold back.  She explained what this diagnosis meant and what I needed to do.  I won't lie - I was frightened and I cried.  I knew that some of the weight gain was due to the PCOS, but deep down I knew that most of it was me trying to cope with and grieve over childlessness.  I love children so very much - it just did not seem at all fair that I would never be a mom (or subsequently, a grandma).

 As she began talking to me about ketoacidosis I sort of went numb inside.  She gave me a hug and cried with me.  She was not only a Diabetic Educator, but also my friend.  I knew she cared.  She asked me if I had any questions.  I was still numb inside and I knew I could not deny the diagnosis, but what could I DO about it?  That was the only question I really had for her - "What do I do now?"

She sat up a little straighter, looked me right in the eye, got a mischievous little grin on her face and answered, "If I had a dime for each time I was asked that question!"  Then her expression changed.  She looked at me very seriously and intently, as if she needed to make sure I was fully engaged in the conversation and she had my complete attention. 

It took the next 4 words to wake me up.  Just 4 little words did the trick.  She said them with boldness and conviction in her voice:  YOU CAN BEAT THIS!

In the weeks following, she gave me recipes and exercise sheets and carbohydrate count lists and she kept helping me.  We took walks together.  I knew she had arthritis and did not want to exercise - but she did it for me - and I love her for it.  Under her watchful and caring eye, I lost my first 50 pounds!

Life went on and the church split.  It's not something any church should ever have to endure, but it happens.  She decided to leave and we did too.  We lost touch, but I'll never forget her kindness.

I kept counting carbohydrates but still had not yet connected the dots about real nutritional value and wellness.  I was still eating highly processed foods and drinking a super-size diet soda every morning as I drove to work.  I thought because it didn't have sugar, it must be okay for me to drink it!  I was still 200 pounds, but I rationalized that it was better than 250.  My HbA1c was better - it had gone from a 9 to an 8.  I was not within the desired range yet.  My mindset was on cutting back and I thought about quantity and not quality of food and beverage I consumed.   

I knew without a single doubt that God had led me to the answer I'd been searching for one afternoon a couple of years ago. I was sitting at the Chiropractor's office reading a magazine article. The piece clearly outlined the Alkaline lifestyle and boasted of significant weight loss - even for people with special medical needs. Well, that is me for sure.  Between the PCOS and the Type 2 Diabetes - I felt just about as "special" as it gets!  Special - but not in a good way, ya know?

The staff at the office was kind enough to let me make a copy of the article.  I took it home and studied it closely.  Then I do what I always do - I GOOGLED!!!  Alkaline lifestyle...  it opened a whole new world to me!!!  According to them, it is not the quantity of food you eat - it is the QUALITY of the food you eat.  Then they said if you are eating the right types of food, you can eat just as much of it as you want!  Well...  THAT really got my attention!!!  Sign me up for this!!!  It's as easy as eating mostly alkaline-based foods - 80% every day.  There is also room for the acidic foods - 20%.  I still have my acidic foods - I eat chocolate - are you kidding?  I drink a cup of coffee in the mornin' - sure I do!  I enjoy the good foods for the health benefits - but I also enjoy the bad foods for the taste!  Everything in balance! 

I got on board...  completely dedicated to this new lifestyle and I will not turn back!  I began seeing weight loss fairly quickly.  I like all of the foods on the list and I have not missed that diet soda at all.  Exercise has become a daily habit and only takes a half hour out of my day - I can DO this! 

OK you guys - I'm crying.  At my last appointment, my HbA1c was down to 6.6!  I've dropped another 30 pounds and have 30 more to lose.  The Lord has led me down this incredible path and shown me a great lifestyle.  Why would I not share this through a blog???  I need to get the word out to the millions of folks with pre-diabetes.  You can turn this truck around - there is a way to stop this decline of your health!  I am living proof of it - you can be too!!!   

Well I'm crying again...  where are the stupid tissues???  I want to sincerely thank all who have contributed to this blog, whether directly by guest blogging, or indirectly with thoughts, ideas or inspiration.  I often need a little help to spark my imagination - but let me tell ya...  once it's sparked, you'd better just back up and watch the smoke rise from this computer!

When I twist my phrases up or misspell words, I really hope that you will overlook that and just chalk it up to that Ditsy Dyslexic!  I know I'm not the best writer in the world, but I try to pour my heart, soul and emotions into every post I write!  I try to just tell it like it really is - I tell you when things are good and yeah, if things are not so great you hear about that too!  Hey, it's life and we're fighting a battle.  I won't win every single battle but I'm Darned Skippy Determined (DSD) to win the bloody war!   

I make an attempt to respect other people's blogs and articles.  I don't like it when some of my original ideas end up on another blog or in an article not written by me.  It's important that any material on this blog be completely mine (with the exception of a guest blogger or if I have obtained permission from the author to share). 

To try to write like anyone else is to be untrue to myself.  To copy the writing of anyone else is not only unfair to the one who originally had the thought, but it cheats me out of expressing my own thoughts!  I never want to cheat myself out of self-expression by stealing from someone else.  It hurts them - and it ultimately hurts me!  I don't mean to sound haughty or proud, but I think my thoughts are just as worthy to be expressed as any other person who has a blog or writes an article.  I have a unique writing style - it's down to earth and easy to understand.  I don't apologize for who I am or how I write.  I write simply because I am a simple person.     

So - happy 200th blog post to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm a little Ditsy - I'm definitely Dyslexic and I am a (controlled) Type 2 Diabetic - but I am without a doubt - one of a kind!  When God made me, trust me - He busted that mold and there will never be another LINDA!!! 

Hey - somebody sent me the most wonderful present!!!  Today I received a large package from Bath & Body Works.  It was an entire set of Sweet Pea fragrances!!!  The body wash, 2 lotions, body spritz and puff in a really cute holder.  Such a nice and unexpected surprise!!!  There was a card tucked inside but it was not signed, it just said CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 200TH BLOG POST!  Since no one wants to take credit for sending it, I guess I'll just post this public THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!  Such a sweet gesture and I deeply appreciate it!  Sweet Pea just happens to be my favorite fragrance!  Perfect!!!

How to get started on this great Alkaline lifestyle.


Look what I found this morning on my facebook page!!!  My friend and talented poet, Lucinda Berry Hill, author of the popular devotional, "Coffee With Jesus" has been very busy!  Thank you so much, my friend! 
God bless you extra-special good, Lucinda!
‎200 Blogs from Linda

200 chuckles,
200 words,
200 lessons,
So much to learn.

200 changes,
200 to bless,
200 viewpoints
In health and wellness.

200 stories,
200 smiles,
200 readings
Sent across miles.

200 reasons,
200 prayers,
200 teachings
So much to share.

200 subjects,
200 truths,
200 Messages
Of hope just for with you.

Lucinda Berry Hill

Thanks for all you do! :) 

(You are soooooooooo welcome!!!)
I appreciate other comments of encouragement I receive from my friends!
John Manganiello - "Your writing is very personal, honest, and educational. I've learned a lot just in the short time that I've been reading your Blog. I hope you continue to share your creativity and support with us ,and more people will discover your page! You're also a good friend!"

Today is GIRL SCOUT'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Make sure you hug your favorite Brownie or Girl Scout today!  Just a little side note:  these cookies are not on the Alkaline food list - but it is 80/20, ya know - so...  you have to watch the portions with these, but it can be part of the 20.  Just sayin'...


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