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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Guardian Angel for Emma

What a blessing this blog has been in my life!!!  I have the opportunity to share not only my Type 2 Diabetes stories and those of my Type 2 friends, but I can also share stories from my Type 1 friends as well.  It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to 7 year-old Emma.  Emma's mom and dad are Super Heroes!!!  Thank you so much, Kelly, for allowing me to share your daughter Emma's Type 1 Diabetes story! 

Emma's amazing journey: The day our lives changed forever

On march 30, 2011 at 1:00am in the morning, Emma woke her dad up and told him she wasn't feeling well, she had been sick on and off with a virus for about 3 weeks. Her dad went downstairs to get her a drink and Emma started vomiting, we brought her downstairs to sleep on the couch in case she needed to get to the bathroom. It seemed like such a long sleepless night, because every half hour she was waking up very thirsty and every time she tried to drink water, ginger ale or juice she would throw it right back up.  By 10am, I knew I needed some help. I called Allan at work; I called my mom and Aunt Cindy out of work because I needed to rush Emma to the Hospital.  Truly the way she was screaming her side was hurting I thought she had Appendicitis, we went to Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital's prompt care where they rushed her right in.

Emma was dehydrating before our eyes; the nurses could not get an IV started because her veins kept collapsing. The doctor came in to evaluate Emma and told us she was too sick to be treated by them; they were going to transfer her to the ER. While getting her ready for this transfer, the nurses were told to give her a shot of morphine for her pain and to check her blood sugar.  I was so upset and kept asking the nurses what was wrong? Every few minutes, I had to leave the room because my stress level was too high.  I kept calling Emma's dad at work in worry and finally just said “get here now". I didn’t understand why my beautiful girl was so sick and no one was giving me answers. I felt so helpless.

Allan arrived just as the nurses were transporting Emma across the street; I remember looking at Allan and then started to cry. He grabbed my hand and said, "You've done the right thing by bringing her to the hospital they will take care of her." 

As we followed the nurses through a cold damp underground tunnel, I just walked very quietly holding Emma’s hand. We finally arrived at the ER and there were swarms of doctors and nurses all over Emma. Taking blood and trying to find a vein for her IV - asking questions and stating the obvious.  With her symptoms and what you are telling, we believe she’s having a high ketoacidosis attack which means she is a diabetic. My heart sunk, I asked Allan if he minded if I went home for a little while. We had to wait for test results anyways. I called Emma's doctor and Emma's school nurse to fill them in.

By the time I returned back to the hospital, the doctor had already been back with the results. The diagnosis was Type 1 Diabetes.  Emma was admitted to Upstate Children's Hospital in the ICU unit for 5 days; we were devastated. This is the day our lives changed forever! In that 5 days we were told Emma couldn’t go home until we were properly educated on how to take care of her. The doctors and nurses took her blood and they administered her first insulin shot along with an IV and a constant insulin drip. Emma kept crying and asked why they keep poking me, i just want to go home.  My beautiful girl was so sick and so tired; all I could do was hold her in my arms and cried along with her.

As the days rolled by, the nurses and educators from Joslin Diabetes Center were giving us so much information and training. I was so tired, spending nights with Andrew and being at the hospital all day. Emma was finally stable enough and we learned all we could; it was time to go home. How disquieting; to think I have to take care of her by myself. I have a lot of home support.  Emma is a very beautiful and loving girl, who has a lot of energy. She wants to help me advocate for Type 1 Diabetes. She loves to play, swim, run and would like to try out for cheerleading someday. ("GO GATORS"). When you meet her, she will melt your heart.

Please support Emma, and pray for a cure.

Today October 21, 2011 we have almost made it to 7 months, and Emma is doing so well, she’s doing 90% of her BSC pricks, she is learning how to count carbohydrates, and she has also started giving Rufus her diabetic bear shots.  We have come a long way and have learned a lot about Type 1 Diabetes and she is amazing. She is handling her new lifestyle better than me. In a couple of weeks , its World Diabetes Day and we have a few projects planned for school, and this Spring Emma's whole school will be doing a kids walk for the cure through JDRF.  I'm so excited! More details to come. Please support Emma, donate a small amount to find a cure to the JDRF.  We love you so very much Emma!  :)

The year 2011 was a very difficult one for Allan and I, especially when Emma was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on 3-31-2011.  That is the day our lives chanced forever and a date we'll never forget.  We had so much to learn.  How to care for our daughter, measurements, counting carbs, insulin injections and the importance of highs and lows.  Emma is doing such a great job managing her Diabetes and teaching others about her disease.  This past year we have participated in a few events, a fundraiser through JDRF called Denim for Diabetes, in which she raised $520.37  She educated her 1st grade class with good friend Chip Moyinham, and held a personal auction!  Way to go Emma!

Emma has met a lot of new friends with and without Diabetes who have been very supportive to her.  Thank you very much.  Emma was honored to begin her New Year with our biggest fundraiser through Guardian Angel Diabetic Alert Dogs, followed by many other fundraisers for JDRF (preparing in April for her school wide walk) and to help find a cure.  We'll have a jewelry fundraiser along with many other events.  Today Emma is asking you all to please donate to service dogs, Guardian Angel Service Dogs, Inc. Home. 

Education, financial assistance, and hope for individuals in need of a service dog and help her reach her goal for her own puppy and try to wipe out Diabetes!  She will have an appointment with her Endo in February, were hoping her HbA1c is as good as the last.  March 31, 2012 will be our 1 year anniversary to Emma's Diagnoses.  Please read Emma's story Emma's amazing journey, The day our lives changed forever and consider donating.  No amount is too small and remember insulin is not a cure, it is our daughter's lifeline.  Until there is a cure, there's a puppy that will be specially trained to help Emma with all her Diabetic needs.  This puppy will alert us of highs and lows and keep Emma safe.  Someday it could even safe her life.  Please support Emma.  Thank you all very much and we hope you all have a safe and Grateful New year!  :) xoxox

Our daughter Emma; with all of her accomplishments continues every day to amaze us! Emma is doing very well in second grade, although she has some issues with math. We decided in January 2012 to obtain a Diabetic Alert Dog through Warren Retrievers, because Emma was finding it hard to know when her blood sugar level was too high or too low.  Then in February 2012, Emma was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia unawareness, now we knew the reason, just another diagnosis to add to a little girl’s broken heart, and a mother’s worry.

Now for some good news, from the Dream Factory of Syracuse NY.  In September 2012, Emma was granted her wish to go to Disney Land and Angel our little girl’s sugar sniffer was delivered!  And two weeks ago February 14, 2013 we again were very devastated to find out Emma tested positive for Hashimoto Thyroiditis,secondary to Hypo Thyroid.  She is more prone to bacterial infections now - Just another piece to the puzzle.  Although we have a few obstacles against us, Emma is still a very happy and loving little girl with a lot of energy.  She wants to continue being a Jr.Advocate and teach others the warning signs and prompt the early detection of Type1 Diabetes.

Angel, Emma's Diabetic Alert Dog, is not yet paid for.  Please consider helping with this.  Thank God for the healthy happy children in your life, then open your heart and help a child who needs this specially trained dog in order to stay alive and healthy.  Thank you!


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Hey everybody!!!  Today is EAR MUFF DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For some of you in the Northeast I'm sure this comes as no surprise, but here in the Midwest, we're looking at our seed catalogs and getting ready to plant!  Enjoy your day!
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