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"Nothing,' wrote Tolstoy, 'can make our life, or the lives of other people, more
beautiful than perpetual kindness."

- Gretchen Rubin

I write about my own experiences and what works (or does not) for me. Nothing I write is to be taken as medical advice.

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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You Have the Power

On this brisk Thursday morning I thought it might do us all some good to have a little truth with our breakfast (which includes protein, I hope).  I spotted the most wonderful article by Dr. Stephen Ponder and he has graciously given me permission to share it.  I appreciate the opportunity to pass this bit of wisdom along to you.

“The Power to Defeat Diabetes Lies Within You”
by Dr. Stephen Ponder

One of my favorite movies growing up (and even as an adult) was The Wizard of Oz. I learned many lessons about life from its symbolism. Without question, the most profound message I learned was that inner peace and happiness are never found “over the rainbow”, but in our own back yards (faith, family, and personal relationships). It was only at the end of her journey through Oz that Dorothy realized she always had the power within her to return home (to family and happiness). In truth, the magic of the ruby slippers had always resided within her. But first she had to believe; not in the slippers, but in herself.

That message has resonated with me over the years regarding many other aspects of life. I see a very strong connection between this human truth (a belief in ourselves) and how we manage diabetes.

Let’s face it. Many diabetics are always looking for an “over the rainbow” solution to our blood sugar control problems; a “Wizard of Oz” to save us from the “Wicked Witch” of diabetes. In this case, the “ruby slippers” may be the latest blood sugar meter, some new diabetes care tool, a state of the art insulin pump, a new pill, or a new investigational therapy that might just “cure” our diabetes altogether.

But disappointment, rather than satisfaction, is what we often seem to find. Over my nearly half century of living with diabetes, I’ve seen countless new diabetes tools and gadgets marketed on hope and anticipation. Virtually none of these tools have removed the need for me or my family to take an active and responsible role in daily diabetes self care. In most cases more responsibility was added. Nothing was taken away.

The hope that a diabetes “cure” is just around the corner has been dangled in front of me or my parents for over 43 years. Plus, it’s always just about “5 years away”. Don’t get me wrong. I still believe a diabetes “cure” will come. Maybe not in my lifetime, but I’m as hopeful as the next person. However, I’m also a realist. We make our own destiny as far as diabetes is concerned. It’s all about our choices.

But is the problem with our technology or with us? At some point we must realize that our diabetes fate is in our hands. This is at the heart of good diabetes care. Oprah Winfrey has aptly coined a term for this sort of epiphany: the “ahah” moment. That’s the point of true clarity where you understand what your life challenges really are. And they’re not necessarily what you’ve been thinking about all along.

Diabetes control is not a thing, but a state of mind…a way of living. You can’t save up a “bucket” of good diabetes control to live off of during hard times. In the end, good diabetes control is the sum of your choices made each day. It starts the moment you wake up each morning and continues until the minute you fall asleep. Actions you take or don’t take matter equally by my argument. First among those critical choices is finding a doctor to care for your diabetes. Next is embracing the concept of diabetes self management education. Diabetes is a condition you live with everyday 24/7/365. It’s the tiger in the room you must tame; otherwise you will be consumed by it.

How each person chooses to manage their diabetes (or not) is unique. The barriers to good care are often those we place before ourselves. The three great conspirators to why we often fail are ignorance, followed by fear, and then denial. Sadly, these behaviors can be passed down from generation to generation. Self care behaviors (both good and bad) can perpetuate themselves within a family setting; at least until someone stands up and challenges the “status quo”. I’ve found that the traits and qualities a person uses to solve the other challenges in life often get applied to how they approach their diabetes self care.

Like Dorothy, those who succeed and conquer their diabetes are the ones who realize and accept that they have been wearing the “ruby slippers” all along. They reject diabetes as a “fate” or “destiny” and refuse to submit to it. They use the God-given power of choice to learn more about their diabetes and continue learning. They also understand that in the end diabetes is more like a marathon than a sprint. The changes you make in your life must be long lasting, not just temporary fixes. It’s the power of choice that separates us from all other life forms in this world. We all too often abandon this precious power when we’re confronted with a challenge like diabetes.

So next time you look in the mirror, realize that it’s you who’s in charge of your diabetes. Scarecrow always had brains, Tin Man a heart, and the Lion courage. The power to manage diabetes is inside us all. It’s just a matter of tapping into it. Only when this “ahah” moment occurs will you have turned a corner in a “life lived well” with diabetes.


If it's to be, it's up to ME!!!  A lifestyle that leads to wellness is within reach, but you are the only one who can make the choice to embrace it.  I wish I could do it for you, but unfortunately, I can't.  I've chosen my path - and though it's not easy, it's sure been worthwhile.  My HbA1c is happy and that's worth every sacrifice I ever made!

Take care of yourself.  You have one body and one life.  Live a good long healthy life.

I wish we had something like this in Kansas - land of OZ!!! 


Hey! Today is LOVE YOUR PET DAY!!!!!!!!!!! If you already spoil your pet rotten, then good for you! I think today my dog will get more than one bone.  My Casey is a pretty special little guy!

I do love my Casey, but once in a while he could really use a doggie mint, you know what I'm sayin'???  The odor is caused by an infection in his mouth and is a sign of periodontal disease, a progressive and irreversible loss of the structures surrounding the teeth caused by chronic infection and inflammation in his mouth.  The poor baby is over ten years old, so they really don't recommend we get his teeth cleaned anymore since there is such a high risk with the anesthesia. 

The most we can do these days is keep cleaning his teeth with doggie toothpaste (never use human toothpaste) and keep plenty of water out for him.  We also give him a dental bone every morning after he eats breakfast.  Of course we also take him to the vet for a bi-annual exam. 

We care about our own health, but it's important to care about your little 4-legged friend's health too!  They rely on us completely to take care of them and we need to take that responsibility seriously. 


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