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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reviewing Resolutions

Today's post is a sort of nudge for all of us - especially for moi!!!  On New Year's Eve I made some pretty radical New Year's Resolutions, and it's time for me to hold myself accountable for keeping them!  Ouch - I hope this will not be too painful!
Well, there's one resolution that I have just kicked to the curb from the get-go.  I resolved that I would no longer drink coffee in the morning.  Yeah, what was I thinking, right???  I just could not live without one cup of coffee in the morning - so much for that one!  I did do what I consider to be the next best thing to kicking the coffee habit completely, though.  I do follow that cup of coffee in the morning with some warm water and 1/4 lemon squeezed in it.  I know that's a little like putting in the acidic coffee and trying to balance it out with the alkaline lemon - but hey - it's better than not trying to balance at all!
I said I'd make better food choices.  On this front, I've actually done well.  I've managed to maintain an 80/20 ratio of alkaline/acid in my diet.  Hopefully I have very healthy cells.  My pain level has reflected the good choices I'm making as well.  I'll be honest, that's the perk I'm interested in.  Who likes to live with pain, right?
Now on to the "E" word.  It seems as though exercise is where I have the most struggle.  My motivation to sweat is at a zero most days.  I really have to remind myself that I will feel so much better after I exercise.  That's the truth!  I'm never sorry afterwards - it's just during a workout I feel like I may just die.  I don't and I don't think I will...  but part of me just wants to quit exercising and not take the chance - (lame - yeah I know!)
How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions?  Are there any that you've completely kicked to the curb already?  Maybe you've just tweaked them a little bit.  One thing about resolutions, or promises you make to yourself - it is never too late to begin keeping those promises!  Just because we are now firmly entrenched in February does not mean that it's too late to be better to yourself!
There is not a time limit when it comes to creating good habits in your life!  If you have fallen off that health horse already this year, it's not too late to just get up, dust yourself off and climb back on!  To be the best you that you can be, you have to make a decision to take care of yourself.

I was reminded by my friend Mary at the Diabetes Hospital in China that today begins Chinese New Year - the year of the snake!  I'm not well-versed in anything Chinese, but I do know one term - Feng shui.  This ancient practice is widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner.  I won't force any resolution to stay with me that is not comfortable or natural.  If it doesn't fit into my lifestyle then it's getting pitched.  Balance and harmony, right?
Do you ever have difficulty deciding what is best to eat at a restaurant?  I invite you to read my article entitled, "A Tip for Every Person in Food Service:  Patience With a Diabetic Really Is a Virtue!"  


Today is UMBRELLA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have a favorite, carry it today!  Mine has music notes all over it. 
Go figure!

CHINESE NEW YEAR - YEAR OF SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!  Mary told me about all the festivities they have there in China and how they all get to see their family and be together and how much fun it is!!!  It sounds great!  Hope they have a fun and relaxing time!


Joanna said...

You don't play a doctor on tv?! I swore that was you!

Linda Palmer said...

Yeah - I get that a lot!!! LOL!!!