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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jordan Rubin Speech

I’ve asked my friend, Stewart Forscher (a.k.a. Coach Stewart) to guest blog for me today. 
Thanks so much, coach!
Jordan Rubin Speech: A Rare Nutrition Learning Opportunity

My wife and I had the unique opportunity to hear the great author, nutritionist, and entrepreneur, Jordan Rubin, speak at a health and wellness event last week.  In case you aren’t familiar with his story, Jordan Rubin was very ill as a teenager.  In spite of being a very tall individual, his weight dwindled to around 100 lbs.  He saw countless doctors and nutrition experts, etc., and no one could identify his problem or help him.  Understandably, he became very depressed.  Finally, Jordan met a nutritionist who introduced him to “biblical eating.”  To make a long story short, Mr. Rubin adopted this eating plan and made a miraculous recovery.  You can read the rest of his story here: http://www.beyondorganicinsider.tv/blog/jordan-rubin-bio

Mr. Rubin has since authored many best-selling books, the most famous of which is The Maker’s Diet.

Mr. Rubin began his 90-minute speech by sharing his story and how his latest company, Beyond Organic, came to fruition.  You may be familiar with the nutritional supplement company Garden of Life; the brand is sold in Whole Foods and health foods stores.  Mr. Rubin started that company and recently sold it so he could start Beyond Organic.  He always dreamed of owning land where he would raise cattle by biblical standards and provide healthy foods and beverages to the masses, and his dream has become a reality with Beyond Organic.

Mr. Rubin is working on a new book, the name of which escapes me.  In this book, he will talk about cleansing.  He described his recommended cleanse-and-rebuild protocol as follows:

-        10 days/quarter

-        3 days/month

-        1 day/week (every Wednesday is “Cleanseday”)

-        Daily

In his speech, Mr. Rubin discussed the importance of the balance between sodium and potassium for optimum hydration.  Sodium is important to hydrate the cells, and potassium is important for removing waste from the cells.  Most people live in a chronic state of dehydration and have an imbalance in their intake of sodium and potassium.  Obviously the sodium intake is way too high because of the processed foods and fast foods, and the potassium is too low because of the lack of vegetables and fruits.  The cleanse Mr. Rubin recommends is the Suero Cleanse that uses the SueroViv cultured whey beverage.  The Suero Cleanse protocol is to drink 6 SueroViv beverages per day at specific times.  This protocol applies to the 10 days/quarter, 3 days/month, and 1 day/week.

For the “daily” cleanse, you drink a SueroViv for breakfast and don’t eat anything else until lunch.  You finish eating for the day between 6 and 8 PM and have another SueroViv before bed if you’re hungry.  The idea behind this “daily” cleanse is to limit the amount of time during the day that you are eating like in biblical times.  According to Mr. Rubin in biblical times, the first meal was around noon and the last meal around dusk.  This approach gives the body the maximum amount of time to “rebuild” without having to digest food.  Mr. Rubin pointed out that most people begin the day eating very early (e.g., 6 AM), and their last meal is very late (e.g., 10 PM).  This only gives the body about 8 hours of “non-eating” time.  According to Mr. Rubin’s research, 16 to 18 hours is ideal.

Another area he touched on is why we are in such a health crisis and how we can get out of it.  He referenced the fact that someone can bring a birthday cake to school unapproved, but he is not allowed to include supplements in his kids’ lunch box as it would be considered “medication or something.”

I am very particular about what I allow my children to eat.  I try to keep them away from GMOs and artificial ingredients as much as possible.  Oftentimes, I feel alone  in this stance.  However, I felt much better when Mr. Rubin explained how strict he is with his kids.  He said his son has only had white flour and processed sugar once in his life, when he took a bite from a cupcake at a church function before his dad could catch him.  Hearing his attitude about how he approaches his children’s nutrition made me feel better and that what I’m doing with my kids is right.  With the childhood obesity and adolescent Type 2 Diabetes epidemics, we all need to get very strict with what our kids eat.

One of the questions I had prior to this speech was regarding Veganism.  Forks Over Knives makes a strong case that meat is bad and that we should all go plant-based.  Mr. Rubin is very adamant that red meat and raw, unpasteurized, cultured dairy is very good for you.  He addressed the Forks Over Knives issue in his speech.  He said that the group that ate meat in Forks Over Knives more than likely at the type of low-welfare meat we are accustomed to eating in this country and not the type of meat Beyond Organic provides.  So his point is that meat and dairy that is processed using biblical methods, and that meat and dairy only, is very good for you.

Mr. Rubin had some great random quotes that I wrote down during the talk: “Fat and Fiber are your Friends” and “Pork is not food.”

The final topic covered in this speech was the meaning of “Beyond Organic.”  This meaning is another question I had prior to the meeting.  We all know that organic is great; but was does “beyond organic” mean?  The answer is in the structure of the food industry.  There are very few food companies that control the food industry and in general, those companies could care less about our health; they only care about profits.  In the last few years, even the organic companies have been bought out by the large food companies.  For example Cascadian Farms is an organic company that was bought by General Mills, and Horizon (the organic milk producer) is owned by Dean Foods.  If you buy an organic food from one of these companies you are buying organic, and that is great.  However, your dollars are going to an entity that has no interest in your health and is a contributor to the obesity epidemic.

Conversely when you purchase from Beyond Organic, your dollars are going to an organization  that cares about your health, has the mission of educating consumers about how they can take control of their health, and that gives back to the community.

In conclusion, it was quite a treat to hear Jordan Rubin speak, and I learned a lot.  I have been a customer of Beyond Organic for over a year but after listening to Mr. Rubin’s speech, my belief that Beyond Organic provides the healthiest meat, dairy, and other foods and beverages available solidified even more.  To learn more about Beyond Organic, visit http://adamdurham.mybeyondorganic.com.

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