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Friday, February 15, 2013

Peace of Mind

There are many ways to cope with hurt feelings.  Since I was taught to play nice, I would usually just internalize every bit of it and blame myself and decide that I must be an awful person.  That's when I headed straight for the food - and I don't mean the apples or pears or celery or carrots.  If there was a processed food known to man - cakes, cookies, crackers, and yes, soda - it would soon be in my hot little hands and I'd be trying to numb the pain I felt inside.  This became a cycle of self-abuse and happened over and over again.

I can't really tell you when the light bulb finally turned on in my brain - but I am so thankful it finally did!  Since that time I've been very interested in human behavior and I've monitored my own actions and reactions very carefully.  I check myself when I feel that little spur of hurt - you know the one - the one that comes with that voice - you know the one.  That's the voice I no longer listen to.  I tell it to shut up and go away!

Today if I feel pain, instead of heading for the kitchen or the candy store, I head for my workout room.  I literally workout and work through the emotions I feel.  It's amazing how no one knows you're crying when you're sweating at the same time!  There are two places I allow myself to cry - in the workout room - and in the shower! 

There will be stress in this life - there's no avoiding it.  I wish I could, but until I get a magic wand that I can wave over others who tick me off, I just have to make an attempt to focus on not internalizing my pain.  I laugh on purpose now and try to walk away from intensity to find a more calm atmosphere when things get really rough.  I'm a non-confrontational individual to begin with, so being in the middle of chaos is not something I'm very comfortable with. 

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.  ― Will Smith

None of us like to be hurt - ever.  It's a shame that there are occasionally some wolves dressed in sheep's clothing - but it happens all too often!  The quicker I can just forgive and move on - the better.  And, for the record - I don't forgive the other person because I am being weak and letting them know I condone their behavior.  I forgive them for my own peace of mind.  If I harbor ill will toward anyone - they have won.  That will not happen!  I do not forget, but I do forgive.  That relationship, once torn, will never be the same.  But I do not hold grudges - I refuse to waste time on them. 

Does overall wellness hinge on our peace of mind?  I believe that's a large part of it!  The day I broke that destructive pattern of "stuffing my feelings" was probably one of the best days of my life!  How freeing it is to know that nobody has that kind of power over me - to make me do something so self-destructive!  I've felt such a sense of freedom and yes - peace of mind and body.  At the end of the day that's the most important thing - peace! 

I wish you peace.

People livin' in competition.  All I want is my peace of mind!  Pretty much!!!


Today is NATIONAL GUMDROP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Before my diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, I must admit I had a strong love affair going on with the spice gumdrops that hit grocery store shelves around Easter.  My favorite ones were the licorice, then the red ones came in a very close second.  Enjoy a gumdrop or two today - everything in moderation!

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