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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Inspiration from Sam Peters

I have a lot of friends in the diabetic online community (DOC), but one that has inspired me the most is Sam Peters.  Today I asked Sam to share his story here on my blog.  Take a listen to this - it's been quite a journey!

Congrats to Sam Peters for losing 180 lbs and wining $7500!


My name is Sam Peters before getting on Bios life slim.I weight 550lbs 24" neck 78" waist & 44" thighs.I was on 12 medication & insulin.I lost 97lbs in 90 days & got off my insulin & 10 of the meds .I lost 240lbs in 2 years & lost 30 pants sizes & over 100".Its so nice to be living the dream of getting skinny.
At 516 pounds, Sam said he was on twelve different medications!  That blew me away!  I counted the number of pills I take every day.  Thyroid, blood pressure, 2 diabetes meds twice a day.  I also take fish oil and a multi-vitamin.  But I wonder if I could do even better?  I think I can. 

Success stories like Sam's serve to remind us of what can happen when we make up our minds to make a change!  Everything begins with a thought - every action, whether it be good or bad, begins in the brain.  If you have made a decision to change yourself, there is nothing that can stand in your way.

I'm not for one moment going to suggest that you will get $7,500 for getting your weight off and getting more healthy, but I will guarantee that with improved health, some of those medicines you are currently taking will more than likely not be necessary anymore.  You may not get that money, but you will feel like a million bucks! 

My story is not as dramatic as Sam's - but when I lost 80 pounds, I was able to get off of insulin.  I've been told that not many diabetics are able to get off of insulin once put on it.  It's a small thing - but it means a lot to me.  I keep a box of needles out in plain sight - just to remind myself of where I used to be and where I never want to go again.  I have not taken an insulin shot in over a year.  My HbA1c is still at around 6.  This is a good thing!

Thanks to Sam for allowing me to share your story here today!  When I asked him if I could share it, he humbly said, "If it will help someone else - sure!"  Well, it's my hope that as you listen to his story, you will make the decision to get healthier - and ultimately happier!

How does Bios Life Slim burn fat? 


Hey - today is NATIONAL TORTILLA CHIP DAY!!!!!!!!!!  I'm going to suggest some Mexican food tonight for supper - do not forget the guac - Ole'!!! 


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