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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wellness A-Z: B = Beauty from Within

Wellness is an inside job
B = Beauty from Within
The day I decided to adopt an alkaline lifestyle, several pleasant side effects began to take shape for me, inside and out.  The first change I noticed was less pain in my leg.  That change alone would have been well worth it!  But there were other, more subtle changes to follow.  

My moods began to be less drastic and more dependable and even.  If anyone tries to tell me that food has no effect on mood, I respectfully let them know I disagree with their opinion.  I tell them they're full of legumes.

At 31 years old and 220 pounds, I had a horrible case of acne.  It seemed there would be a new "zit" to cover with make-up every day.  Today it seems absolutely ridiculous that I did not blame my food choices, but I didn't.  I blamed genetics (for the acne and the weight), I blamed climate conditions, I blamed the fact that there was a full moon!  I blamed everything under the sun.  It never dawned on me that I should blame it on poor food choices!  Could it be that drinking diet soda instead of water made so much difference?

I got to the point where everything was out of control.  I was avoiding all mirrors completely because I just did not want to see myself.  I put blinders on to the damage that was taking place.  I could afford to ignore it - until my friend insisted on testing my blood sugar one Sunday morning at a pot-luck dinner at church.  My blood sugar was well over 300 (before we ate lunch) and she told me I needed to see a doctor immediately.  

That's the day I hit the wall!  I could no longer run from my demons - I had no choice but to face them head-on!  There are a few moments after you hear the news that you have Type 2 Diabetes - you just go numb inside and think "this is NOT happening to me!"  But that moment passes.  Then in just a split second you make the decision whether you will accept your lot and just let it consume you completely - or you will fight it tooth and nail.  I'm not one to quit - ever!  I chose to fight!  I continue to fight today - 21 years later!

The weight dropped - not quickly - but it dropped.  Due to an alkaline lifestyle and plenty of lemon water everyday, my acne completely cleared!  I don't even have any pitting on my face anymore.  There are no signs whatsoever that I had a problem with acne. 

There are doctors who will tell you that drinking water has no effect whatsoever on the health of your skin - but I disagree with that assessment completely.  There is no other explanation for this change in me.  

I was facing severe gum disease (gingivitis) leading to possible tooth loss.  When I began an alkaline lifestyle, that completely reversed and I now have very healthy happy gums.  I've also started routine oil pulling every morning.  Put 1 Tablespoon organic Sesame oil or Coconut oil in your mouth and swish for 15 minutes.  Spit it out and rinse with salt water.  The oil is thought to take bacteria and toxins from your mouth and do a better job of cleansing than traditional mouth wash.  It also helps with a condition called Candida that often goes hand in glove with diabetes.

This is all good news to be sure, but the most wonderful change is how very beautiful I feel on the inside!  I went from having some significant kidney damage, awful neuropathy and gingivitis to having healthy kidneys, mild neuropathy and no signs of gingivitis! 

These foods have healing properties! 

I will continue to say that until the day I can no longer speak!   

The lemon water is amazing for my skin.  Sometimes I apply lemon juice directly to my skin - particularly the skin under my chin (where I used to have a second chin) and it tightens and firms the skin there.  Then a gentle moisturizer on top of that before bedtime makes it feel moist and hydrated.  You don't have to spend a lot of money to care for your skin.

Have you heard the saying, "Happiness is an inside job" - ?  Well, I would add that wellness is also an inside job.  It's not the clothes you wear or the make-up you apply or anything else that you put on the outside - but what you choose to fuel your body with - that is what matters the most.  Fuel it properly and it will feel and look so beautiful!  Take care of yourself today! 

Here's a Beauty food recipe.


My friend and talented poet, Lucinda Berry Hill, author of "Coffee With Jesus", wrote this poem and I'd like to share it with you here today.

Be Beautiful
When you wake up in the morning,
Brush your teeth and fix your hair,
Remember to show gentleness
To people everywhere.
Put on your favorite shoes
And that shirt that shows your eyes.
And be patient with the ones
That God puts in your life.
Wear that fancy watch you have,
And your favorite brand cologne.
Be truthful and forgiving
With everyone you know.
Carry peace in your pocket
Wear a smile on your face
Be kind, always helpful, and
Be beautiful every day.

Today is NATIONAL HAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!  Just another accessory you may want to consider adorning yourself with.  If it's as cold where you live as it is here, you'll probably need a hat when you go outside!!!  Brr!!!



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