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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Popeye would NOT be Pleased


Last Thursday evening I was riding my stationary bike.  I had the early news on while I rode and heard that we had yet another recall on packaged spinach!  I began to pedal a little faster at that point, because I was angry.

You mean to tell me that the one food that I like and can actually eat without causing my blood sugar to skyrocket is once again unsafe for me to consume?  Really???  You have got to be kidding me!

I don't know where the problem lies - apparently no one really knows or hopefully they would do something about it!  Since September of 2006 there have been more than a dozen recalls on packaged spinach - due to contamination of listeria, salmonella or E. coli.  Most of the recalls took place in the latter part of 2011 and all of 2012.  We are only 12 days into the new year and this is not looking good, folks! 

As I said, I don't pretend to know where the problem lies, but as a consumer it angers me to pay hard-earned money to the grocery store for a product that I should be able to trust.  Why has this problem just been taken with a grain of salt?  People have died due to the illnesses that this contaminated spinach caused!  Is anybody doing anything - or are they just sitting around waiting, once again, to shut the barn door after the horse has gotten out?  That's what it feels as though they are doing.  I, for one, do not approve of that tactic.  There needs to be a more proactive approach taken - now!

I don't typically make it a habit to stand on a soapbox - but this situation has gotten totally out of control.  People should be able to trust that the fresh produce they purchase will not kill them.  Fresh spinach is one of the most healthy foods on the planet - unless it is laced with listeria, salmonella or E. coli.  Well yeah - there's THAT! 

Hopefully the trend of the familiar "recall" of spinach will not escalate in 2013.  It seems there have been more recalls since 2006 with each passing year.  It's a disturbing pattern and I'd like to see someone do something to stop it!

Well, there's my small two cents worth - but of course with inflation it's hardly worth the two cents, is it? 

When we make a decision to begin a more healthy lifestyle, it's frustrating to say the least when you realize that you could lose your life anyhow to something that I'm sure is avoidable to begin with.  Am I the only frustrated consumer?  I want to live a good long healthy life - but if the industry can get away with so much recall activity, how can I be assured of quality ever again?

I prefer fresh to frozen or canned.  Canned foods have too much sodium.  Yes, I could rinse them and make them a bit better, but the taste is not the same at all.  Frozen spinach is alright, but I can't make a good salad with frozen spinach. 

Popeye would not be pleased - and neither am I.  It's a problem that happens all too often and it looks as if the frequency is not about to lessen.  It's sad that we can't be assured of a product that won't send us to an early grave in our effort to live a longer life!

Contaminated Spinach.  Why so many recalls in such a short time???


Today is NATIONAL PHARMACIST DAY!!!  When you go in to pick up your medicine, make sure you let them know you appreciate all they do for you!

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