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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Monday Again

Yes, thank you.  I'm aware that it is once again Monday and most of you are getting ready to face the ol' grind once again.  So, what did you do to begin your week with good thoughts and a positive outlook?  It's a proven fact that a happy person is also a more productive individual and easier to get along with in the workplace.  No one likes to work alongside a grumpy Gus - not even you, I'm guessing!  So happiness is a choice and there are some great habits that lend themselves to making you more happy.

One very good habit to develop is as simple as lying in bed a few minutes after you wake up.  Too many folks just hit the snooze about a dozen times and then jump out of bed like it's on fire!  I like to lie in the bed and take just a moment to thank God for waking me up.  I also like to remind myself that nothing is going to happen in my day that God will not take care of.  The future is less scary when you realize God is already there.

I also have it on good authority that God has a sense of humor - and we need to develop one as well - as early in the morning as possible.  I enjoy going into the bathroom and looking at my hair in the mirror right after I get out of bed!  Some mornings, honestly - I wonder what in the world I did during the night!  It's a frightening sight - and all I can do is laugh when I look in the mirror! 

One thing that can swing my mood meter over to crabby fairly quickly is when a piece of clothing is too tight.  Maybe I've put something out to wear, thinking I won't have a problem, when in reality - it's a huge problem.  I've learned that it's always a good idea to have two sizes in my closet.  I always keep that larger pair of slacks in my closet.  I don't necessarily laugh about it - oh, sometimes I do - but at least I don't just freak out and decide all is lost because I can't fit into my clothing.

Breakfast needs to be nutritious - and more than coffee!  If you don't have time to use a juicer, there are pre-packaged juices available (read labels carefully).  A green juice is good in the morning.  There are also several different brands of protein shakes that will keep you feeling full until break time.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get to work.  Stress happens so often when people cut their deadlines too close.  A consistently relaxed schedule is key when happiness is your goal.  Don't make time the enemy.  Smile at everyone you meet along the way, whether they smile back or not.  I've learned that if someone does not smile or speak to me, it's not really my problem - it's their problem.  I've done my part and if they don't respond, then I just shake it off and move on.  I don't get mad at them but I do pity them.  It must be awful to have that kind of anger and resentment so early in your day.  

Don't change who you are because someone does not respond the way you think they should.

Handle one stress at a time.  When you allow more than one thing to pile on you, it can feel like an all-out attack on your senses.  That has a negative physical affect on your health and causes some emotional eating issues as well.  I've spent a lifetime working on this and there are days I still want to deal with stress with food.  You know what?  Food is not going to take any of my stress away!  Not a bit of it!  It will pack unwanted pounds on my little 5'2" frame and ruin my health, but it won't do a thing for the stress in my life!

Eat what you should - when you should.  Don't hoard candy bars in your desk drawer!  Brown bagging lunch is an excellent idea.  To pack food that you have prepared assures that you won't get extra calories, sodium, carbohydrates, etc.  It's a huge temptation to go out to a fast food place and eat something that tastes better than the salad you fixed at home, but in the long run that salad will help you both physically and mentally.  Fast food will put you in a brain fog! 

This may sound like a silly idea to some of you - but frankly I don't care.  I used to write notes and put in my lunch.  I wrote positive affirmations - encouragement to myself.  I don't have a lot of positive reinforcement around me, so it's up to me to be my own cheerleader.  So, when I began this journey many years ago, I decided to put a jar full of positive affirmations on my kitchen counter.  Every day I would draw one out of the jar and put it in my lunch.  It was like getting a little happy spark every day. 

I kept protein bars in my desk drawer for that all-too familiar afternoon "slump".  That helped me be less tempted to take a trip downstairs to the vending machines.  It's still difficult for me to determine if I'm needing a snack or if I'm just bored and need to engage in some conversation.  Fortunately, I had a job where I could decide when to do online work and when to make phone calls.  I usually did most of my online work in the mornings and saved my phone calls for the afternoon so I would not have the opportunity to overeat from boredom.

It took me a long time to learn that one cup of coffee in the morning is all I need.  I know there are people who hit the coffee pot all day long and sometimes at night.  I can't do that because the caffeine has a rebound affect on me and I get constant migraines from it.  I do best if I just have one cup in the morning to get me started - then leave it alone the rest of the day. 

If you have an opportunity to walk around a parking lot or up and down some stairs on your afternoon break, that would be a good idea.  Any movement you can get, especially if you have a sedentary job, is in your favor.  Exercise of any sort improves your mood.  The goal is to be a happy, healthy person to work with.

Any chance to laugh throughout the day should be seized!  Laughter is a great habit and makes you happy instantly.  Milton Berle said that Laughter is an instant vacation.  It's true.  Laugh as much as possible for your good health!

On your drive home, turn up the music and sing at the top of your lungs!  Just do it!  I used to have my windows down, sunroof open and stereo up on the way home!  That was my victory chant - my way of saying "I survived my work day and I'm heading home!"  De-stress, do a little happy dance while you're driving, have just a little attitude.  Please don't speed!

Enjoy comedian Mike Williams - Stupidity is a gift.


Well, we're a week into the New Year!!!  How are those resolutions working out for ya???

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