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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Thoughts in 2013

When someone challenges you to think in a positive way, how do you react?  Do you agree that a more positive attitude can make a great deal of difference, or do you just sort of shrug your shoulders and give a half smile and think to yourself, "whatever"?  Whether you want to believe in the power of positive thought or not, it does seem to make a marked difference in the end result.

So many times, it is our own negative thought patterns that wreck any chances we have at success - before we even get out the gate!  Practicing positive thought and visualization can not only help us not trip ourselves up, but can help us stay focused on the goal and we tend to not give up on whatever it is we need to do to obtain it.  

According to the Mayo Clinic, a positive mental attitude can improve your health, enhance your relationships, increase your chances of success, and add years to your life!  I'm all for that, aren't you?

When I was younger, I compared what I had with what others have - and usually came up short in my own mind.  Part of the change in me has to do with maturity I'm sure, but some of it has to do with making the decision to be content with myself and with what I have, who I have and being happy.  Is happiness and contentment a choice we make?  Yes, it is.  Decide to be happy.

And here's a newsflash for you:  talking someone else down doesn't raise you up any higher to anyone else.  No one is comfortable around gossip - and if they are, shame on them.  Be kind and you will receive kind.  Be unkind and guess what?  We've all fallen in the gossip trap - but no one should be proud of it.  Small minds talk about other people - and I no longer care to have a small mind.  I want to discuss things of substance - ideas, plans - things that really matter and make a positive difference.  

What affect does positive thought have on diabetes control?  A great deal when you think about it.  Every action begins with a thought.  A negative diabetic is going to see all the goodies and carbs and junk they're not able to eat, be discontent and more than likely go on a binge.  I know because that's what I used to do.  A more positive individual is going to see the health side of this opportunity.  Healthier foods make stronger cells.  Stronger cells make a healthier body.  A healthier body is naturally a happier body!  It's not about all the stuff you can't eat anymore, but it's about all the wonderful foods that make your body stronger, smarter and better functioning!  See the difference?

Once you begin to think of high alkaline eating as a body improvement program, it's almost addictive behavior!  How healthy CAN I be today - not - how healthy do I HAVE to be today.  Some of you are having an "ah-ha moment" right now, aren't you?  Good!!!

The same attitude is found with exercise.  The attitude becomes how much exercise can I do to help my body maintain good blood sugar control - not - how much minimum effort do I have to do to get the minimum benefit blood sugar control.  See the difference?

In my body, the exercise really makes a difference!  My blood sugars really lower significantly with about a half hour of exercise, 5 days a week!  It's amazing!  The part that blows my mind is, with my neuropathy, I can do little 10 minute segments, 3 times a day if I need to.  There are days when that's exactly what I have to do - but it has the very same affect on my blood sugar as if I had done the whole half hour at a time!  I did not believe that was true - but I've proven it!  

I have friends in the Diabetic Online Community (DOC) who are so encouraging.  Once in a while I read "Just keep going - that's what matters".  That's so true - it's all about the consistency.  Just don't quit completely! 

Does attitude matter?  I believe attitude makes ALL the difference between success and failure!  You know, I don't succeed in everything I do - but I sure don't go in like a whipped dog at the beginning.  I go in with a good attitude and if I get whipped - so, I get whipped!  Not the first time, won't be the last - but am I gonna quit?  Nope! 

Over the Christmas Holiday I gained about 7 pounds!  I refuse to throw in the towel!  I just suffered a little setback (little?) - anyhow - my weight has always been the most challenging project of my life - and yes I refer to it as a project because I fully expect it will be an ongoing "project" that I need to keep on the front burner - I will never ignore it again.  Type 2 Diabetics can NOT afford to ignore weight problems - ever!  

So, in this new year I resolve to keep a positive attitude and work on losing the Holiday pounds plus the other 25 I need to lose!  I CAN do this!!!  Yes, I can!  I will do this!!!

Here are a few positive affirmations for you today.


Did you know that today is NATIONAL BUBBLE BATH DAY???  I've decided to take a nice long bubble bath in honor of the day.  Part of taking care of yourself is to be kind to yourself - it's not all about the hard work and determination.  We all need a little pampering now and then along the way. 



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