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Friday, December 28, 2012

Workout - Don't Pig Out

As we quickly approach the beginning of a new year, it occurs to me that I've held on to some heavy emotional baggage for quite some time.  Perhaps as I turn the corner to walk into 2013, it's time to lighten my load.  I think it's time for a fresh new perspective on life.

May you never feel the weight of your emotional baggage.  - Benito Di Fonzo

The landscape of your heart is what you make it.  How you feel about yourself is truly a choice.  How well you care for this one and only body that your Creator has given you...  that's a choice as well.  If you are a Type 2 Diabetic as I am, then you should really re-evaluate your attitude about self-care.  It really is up to you to make some changes - and what better time than as we begin a brand new year? 

You know you are addicted to a food if despite knowing it is bad for you and despite wanting to change, you still keep eating it. Addiction means that a craving has more control over your behavior than you do. 
- Kathy Freston             

I tend to be led by emotions and feelings, which are fickle, to say the least.  In the past, I have allowed these to dictate what I've eaten and how much.  It's taken years for me to finally learn how to let my head lead and not my heart.  There is such a strong bond between feelings and food.  I literally have to make a conscious decision - sometimes minute by minute - to kick my emotional eating to the curb.  About the time I think I have it under control, the theory gets tested and I'll be honest - I don't always pass the test.

Being a compulsive overeater is no different from being an alcoholic or drug addict. The only difference is that you can avoid drugs and alcohol completely and you have to have a relationship with food every day for the rest of your life. It's actually the hardest addiction to live with. If you were an alcoholic and someone said to you that you were required to have a single drink three to five times a day, but were not supposed to ever drink to excess, or a drug addict who was required to take just one pill severeal times a day every day, but you're not supposed to ever take more than that...no one would ever make it through rehab.  - Stacey Ballis

The good news is - I recognize what's happening now.  There was a time I would just automatically reach for the cookies or some other so-called "comfort food" when my heart was hurting.  It's a bit like an alcoholic really - food addictions are quite strong and I don't think they ever leave completely.  They lurk just under the surface, and heaven help me if my emotions get depth charged in the heat of battle!  It's difficult to stop that cycle of abuse - trade the "stuffing" of my feelings for "expending energy" to cope with emotional stress.  Exercise is the proper way to cope with stress.  I know - it's the dreaded "E" word again.  Sorry - but it's true.

A stationary bike is a device that epitomizes the phrase “hurry up and wait.” 
- Jarod Kintz

If you want to call it a resolution, then that's what it is.  I resolve to do a better job of recognizing emotional instability and using exercise to cope rather than whatever food may be available to eat.  I will treat myself with more respect than I have in the past.  When I feel emotionally vulnerable and stressed, I choose to workout - not pig out! 

All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking. - Friedrich Nietzsche

Listen to Jolene as she explains food cravings.


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