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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Re-focus the Festivities

Mama and I spent hours chatting and making
beaded angel ornaments for her Christmas tree.
Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.  - Ann Landers
Let me drop some truth in your lap.  Your Christmas celebration does not have to be perfect!  Some of you are having an "ah-ha moment" right now.  You've been running here and there, to this specialty store to get this thing and to this other place to get this certain item - to make your Christmas just right - perfect.  You're working too hard!  Stop...  breathe!!!

The people in your life - the ones who are spending this great holiday with you - they are what matter.  And here's a newsflash - you are what matter most to them!  We can get so wrapped up in all of the preparation that we lose sight of the big picture.  We get so focused on the details of the celebration, we forget not only Who and what we are celebrating, but the people we are enjoying the festivities with.  Your family won't think about how much money you spend on the celebration, but they will surely remember the precious time you spend with them.  The good times spent doing fun projects together will mean so much more than the money you spend on things meant to impress. 

Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.  - Salvador Dali

A short while ago, I was doing some cleaning and ran across a DVD that I did not recognize.  I popped it into my player and began to watch scenes from Christmas 2002.  We were at my mother's house and it was wonderful to watch those memories come to life.  I thought the only video I had of my parents was our old 8mm. rolls (which we had converted to DVD a long time ago).  But those old movies were not "talkies".  The DVD I was watching was a "talkie".  I heard my mother's voice - and I cried.

I lost mama in 2005.  I had no idea I had this DVD.  I do not remember taking any video at Christmas.  We have a lot of still photos from Christmas and other celebrations, but this DVD was quite a shock and surprise.  I just sat and watched and listened as my mama spoke.  I hung on to every word she said - and I cried.

The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection. 
- George Orwell

See, I don't care about the details of that Christmas.  Oh, she always had a beautiful tree and she decorated it to the nines, but I was not looking at that.  She always made her famous Rocky Road bars - but that did not hold my interest.  I got to hear her voice again - a gift that I did not think I would ever receive!

It's been 8 years, and I'm now finding this treasure!  See, it's not how much decor you use, or how many goodies you make for the table.  It's you - that's what your family wants - and needs.  If they have you - your cheery smile and sweet disposition - that is what makes Christmas so special.

The man with insight enough to admit his limitations comes nearest to perfection.  - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So lose the frantic panic mode that seems to grasp people this time of year.  Relax and realize that your family just loves you and wants to see you.  Sometimes when you just admit that you are not perfect and things will have to be less than perfect, you end up making your family more comfortable and you can just enjoy the day instead of spending it stressed out over details.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.  - Dr. Seuss

Learn to make a beaded angel ornament.


Mama and I used to have a lot of fun together in her kitchen as well.  Today is NATIONAL DATE NUT BREAD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  This sounds like a fun thing to do with a daughter today - go bake some bread for yourself - and make me a loaf while you're at it, ok?


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