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Friday, December 21, 2012

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

You know the song...  the very long and potentially annoying song - "The Twelve Days of Christmas"!  I have to be in just the right mood to even entertain the notion of singing that song!  Frankly, none of the gifts mentioned appeal to me on any level... save one.  I like it when we get to the fifth day.  Yes, there's a reason the rhythm slows down right there and we emphasize those gifts!  What woman in her right mind would not just love to get this gift?  Five golden rings!!!  

But here we are, five days away from Christmas, and I have to tell you, I've not received my rings!  But that's alright - I'm not terribly disappointed by that.  I have taken off another five pounds, and believe me - that means so much more to me than those five rings!  And, like those rings - those pounds are non-returnable and non-refundable!  When they left - that's it - they're gone!   

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! 
- Author Unknown

My friends all talk about how they go to work and there are "goodie trays" staring them in the face all day long.  Oh, believe me - I remember those days!  Admittedly, I am in a very controlled environment in my little house.  I have the foods here that are best to help my health and wellness.  But I have to ask my friends, "Why don't you pack some good stuff and take with you instead of just reaching for the goodies on the tray?"  They almost sound as though they have no choice in the matter, which baffles my brain, I must admit.

So, on this fifth day before Christmas, what choices will you make?  I know nobody is really thinking about weight loss until January.  That's when we'll start seeing all of the quick weight loss programs come out of the woodwork in droves on the info-mercials!  But I've found that it's the consistency in the journey that does the most good.  No more yo-yo dieting for me!  I made a decision a long time ago to adopt a new lifestyle - and so I have.  It's really as simple as that.  There's no magic bullet out there that will instantly take weight off.  Oh, I've still got another pesky 25 pounds to lose!  But I'm encouraged!

Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.  - Peg Bracken

I don't know whether I'll ever lose enough weight to warrant getting completely off of diabetic medication, but I do know that with every pound I lose, my chances of maintaining good control of my blood sugar get better!  I do feel better - not so "stuffed" in my own skin!  Instead of feeling like the Christmas turkey this year, I will actually be able to enjoy the turkey with less guilt than ever before!  There's something to be said for that!

No, I did not get my five golden rings this fifth day before Christmas.  Rings are highly over-rated!  When you are a yo-yo dieter, your rings spend a great deal of time at the jewelers getting sized!  **sigh**...

I'm much happier with the gift I've received - the gift of wellness is so much better than diamonds or gold!

Here's "The Twelve Days of Christmas" - enjoy!


Today is LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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