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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Can't Believe I Ate That

Why did I do it???  Why did I reach for that third sugar cookie???  You know I can't have just one.  It was absolutely precious of my aunt Susan to give me one of those giant chocolate kisses, but seriously - she shouldn't have!  And, oh... that pumpkin pie with whipped topping was so very wonderful!  I had to take at least one bite of the chocolate Santa that my friend John gave me - he might have been offended otherwise.  I wouldn't want that! 

The food train has really derailed at my house!  Maybe it did at yours too.  Well, I think we all do a little extra nibbling around Thanksgiving and Christmas - and some of us nibble from Thanksgiving until Christmas - then we're not sure how to stop!  There's a way - and you know we will see all sorts of promises from different ads from the diet industry from now until well into the new year - they will tell you that there's only one way to lose those extra holiday pounds - and they have THE only way!

You don't need the empty promises from the diet industry!  You don't need empty promises from anyone, truth be told.  Neither do I.  What you and I do need, starting today, is to get back on that wellness horse and ride!  Gain the determination you had before you gathered with family and friends and gave yourself permission to eat things you never would have touched before!  There's something about being with people we're comfortable with - we feel like somehow it's safe to indulge - but your body doesn't know the difference.  It's still going to store fat as fat and use the food the same way.  It's time for a reality check now - and I want to help us (including myself) get back in the groove of wellness!

If you're having a difficult time quitting the goodies cold turkey, don't feel alone.  One way that I ease myself back into the lifestyle change I desire is to take one thing away per day until finally I'm back to eating more healthy foods.  If you just ease back into it, you'll not feel as deprived as you do if you just quit all at once.

Incorporate your lemon water first.  This will get your pallette cleansed and get you used to the more tart tastes again.  Speaking for myself, sugar is so addictive, and if I allow myself even a little bit - I can easily get hooked again.  I find that drinking water with lemon helps me break that craving to grab a sugar-laden treat.  Then grab a salad for lunch and put some of your healthy homemade salad dressing on it.  For supper, fix a vegetable like Brussels sprouts or broccoli with some lean protein.  Once I re-establish my old pattern, it is usually not a problem to make it my lifestyle once again.

When you fall off the wellness horse - for goodness sake just determine that tomorrow is another day - and climb back on!  Whatever you do, do not just have the attitude that you've failed and there's no use to try anymore!  That's stinkin' thinkin' - stop it!  You can do this!!!  We can do this!!!

It's your health at stake, type 2 diabetic!  Fight for it!!!

Stocking your kitchen with healthy foods is important!  Here's Heather with some helpful tips.




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