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Friday, December 14, 2012

Even in the Wake of Senseless Violence

A quick review... When Moses stood at the burning bush and asked God His Name, God replied, "I AM".  What does that mean?  It means that God encompasses all and is all.  He IS.  That's why in the Old Testament you see LORD in all capital letters.  This is referring to Who God is.  That was in Exodus.  Now let's see where else we find LORD in all capital letters.  
Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you.  - Deuteronomy 3:22

Have you ever been backed up in a corner and felt like you needed someone to fight for you?  I have!  Sometimes you say or do something with the best of intentions in your heart (and God knows your motives) and it gets taken the wrong way and twisted around until you don't even recognize what you said or did.  Rely on God to do the fighting for you and just be still.  It's difficult to do that, but it's really the best way to defend yourself.  God will defend you - He knows when you are in the right.

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.
- Deuteronomy 31:8

There's an old saying, "When the world walks out, God walks in".  For the Christian it is absolutely true!  God is before us - He goes ahead and clears the path.  We have a free will and can either stay on the path He has cleared or go messing in the stickers.  I find it's better to stay on the path He's made.  He will never leave us.  That's a promise that brings me much comfort.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.  - Joshua 1:9

God goes with us everywhere, even if sometimes it feels as if we're alone.  He's always there no matter what.  We can gain strength and courage just knowing that.

The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?  - Psalm 27:1

Light is what is shined on darkness.  God not only provides light for our path, but He IS light itself.  What is a stronghold?  It is a place of security or survival.  So God doesn't just hold on, He grabs us and will not let us go because our very survival depends on Him.  I love being safe in the arms of my LORD, don't you?

For you have been my hope, Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth.  - Psalm 71:5

I grew up in church and accepted the LORD as my personal Savior when I was 13 years old.  I felt a sense of real peace and hope in my life.  And yes, I felt confident in His love and care even back then.  I'm so thankful that He walks this path called life with me.  He's been my best friend and my defender and source of great joy always.  Our relationship just gets sweeter as time goes by.

Give me a sign of your goodness, that my enemies may see it and be put to shame, for you, LORD, have helped me and comforted me.  - Psalm 86:17

When my daddy died, there were some people who thought perhaps he didn't make it to heaven since he had stopped attending church some years before his death.  I prayed to the LORD for a sign.  I wanted something that would let me know without a doubt that my dad was in heaven.  The anniversary clock that I had given my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary stopped at the exact time my dad died.  I discovered it the morning after dad died when I went to my mother's house.  That was my sign from the LORD.  That gave me such comfort and let me know that my dad is safe in the arms of the LORD.  Some of the people who doubed my dad's salvation were also shamed by their own words after that.  It was not my intent to shame anyone, I just needed this sign for myself - I had to know. 

Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.  - Isaiah 12:2

It takes a while to fully trust anyone.  The more I get into God's Word and study, the stronger my faith and trust get in Him.  He's like the big brother I never had, only of course, better.  He's done so much for me, but sending His Son, Jesus to die on the cross has to be the ultimate gift He gave me (and you, too).

Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains! For the LORD comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.  - Isaiah 49:13

Does the LORD care that I have diabetes?  You bet He does!  I praise His Name for the help He's given me in my journey with this disease.  He does bring comfort and shows compassion as only He can.  I praise Him because I've lived with Type 2 Diabetes for 20 years and have very few complications.  That is something to praise the LORD for! 

But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.  - Micah 7:7

People call me or poke me or message me on facebook, but those conversations always end.  The talks I have with the LORD never end!  I know I talk God's ear off (yes, I believe He has ears!) sometimes, but that's alright!  He's not like people who get really sick of hearing my voice all the time.  He listens and He actually inclines His ear to me!  He longs to have fellowship with His creation.  Prayer is not something to fear, but something to be cherished.  You have the opportunity to converse with the LORD himself!  Child, that's a priviledge - take it

Prayer is - an ongoing, constant conversation with God.  It never ends.  I'd be very sad if it did.  I believe when I die, we'll just pick up where we left off in heaven - just like two best friends on earth would do!  When I hear people get so hung up on the "pray without ceasing" thing it cracks me up.  I enjoy knowing that I can think something and God hears it and responds to it.  I don't even have to say it because He knows my thoughts.  I think that's pretty cool.  The fact that He can hear my thoughts and millions of other people's thoughts at the same time - well that just blows my mind!  That's why He's God!  He's the LORD - He's Infinite!  One of the many reasons I love and trust Him with my tiny little life.

Please take a look at the very first article I wrote entitled, "Opening The Lines of Communication - From One Diabetic To Another".  This is the story that prompted me to begin blogging.  Please leave me a comment.  Let me know what you think!  Thanks!

Please listen to Fred Rogers as he talks about tragic events and dealing with them.  What he has to say seems to make the most sense right now.


What the scripture says about God taking care of us always is true, even in the wake of senseless violence.  It's particularly disturbing when it's violence against small children.  Unbelievable, really. 

Please take a moment to sign the following petition - in honor of the children who were shot, we would like to make December 14th a National Mental Health Awareness Day.  After you have signed, please share this link with others.  We need as many signatures as possible.  Thank you!


Today is National Bouillabeusse Day!!!!!!!!!!!  Enjoy!!!

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