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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Variety and Versicolor of Alkaline Foods

Have you ever heard the saying, "Eat the rainbow"?  When you eat a high alkaline diet, you will have a great deal of color in your diet.  The deeper color the vegetable has, the more healthy it is for your body.

Why is eating an alkaline-based diet best?  Our bodies are under constant attack by acidity in the form of toxins from our environment and medications we take.  If you add on to that a diet that is highly acidic, you are setting yourself up for a disease process - namely, cancer.  In order to better protect our cells, we should incorporate a high alkaline diet.  The higher your pH, the more healthy your cells are.  7.365 is Optimum pH for human blood.   

This type of diet will also improve the health of nerves.  It doesn't reverse any damage already done, but it protects your nerves from any further damage.  If you over-cook an alkaline food, it lowers the pH and the food becomes more acidic.  If at all possible, eat these foods raw.  Buy these foods and consume them freely.

The foods at 10.0 pH are: raw spinach, broccoli, artichokes, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, celery, cauliflower, carrots, potato skins, alfalfa grass, cucumbers, collards, seaweed, onions, asparagus, lemons & limes

FUN, UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER and SILLINESS FOR NO REASON also fall under this category. Since you are what you eat, well, these foods make you feel so amazing... you can't help but be a fun person to be around!

The foods at 9.0 pH are:  olive oil, herbal & green tea, most lettuce, zucchini, sweet potato, peas, sprouted greens, eggplant, alfalfa sprouts, green beans, beets & greens, blueberries, pears, mangoes, papayas, figs & dates, tangerines, melons, kiwi, grapes

The foods at 8.0 pH are:  apples, almonds, avocados, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, turnip, olives, soybeans, bell peppers, radish, rhubarb, pineapple, cherries, millet, wild rice, strawberries, apricots, cantaloupe, honeydew, peaches, oranges, grapefruit, bananas

The foods at 7.0 pH are:  most tap water, butter, cream, milk, margarine, oils other than olive

It takes 20 parts of alkalinity to neutralize 1 part acidity in the body. 

These foods are considered acidic and should be consumed sparingly or never.   Eat some lean protein every day, but consume the rest of this very sparingly.

The foods at 6.0 pH are:  milk, yogurt, fruit juices, cooked spinach, most grains, soy milk, coconut, eggs, fish, tea, kidney beans, Lima beans, plums, processed juices, rye bread, spelt, brown rice, barley, cocoa, rice & almond milk, oats, liver, oysters, cold water fish, salmon, tuna, goat's milk

The foods at 5.0 pH are:  cooked beans, chicken & turkey, beer, sugar, canned fruit, white rice, potatoes with skins, pinto beans, navy beans, garbanzos, lentils, black beans, butter, salted, rice cakes, cooked corn, wheat bran, rhubarb, molasses

The foods at 4.0 pH are:  coffee, white bread, peanuts, pistachios, beef, blackberries, cranberries, prunes, sweetened fruit juice, wheat, most nuts, tomato sauce, buttermilk, cream cheese, popcorn

The foods at 3.0 pH are: lamb, pork, wine, shellfish, pastries, cheese, goat cheese, soda, black tea, pasta, pickles, chocolate, vinegar, sweet n' low, equal, aspartame, NutraSweet, processed food, microwaved foods 

STRESS, WORRY, LACK OF SLEEP, OVERWORK and TOBACCO SMOKE also fall under this category.  Even if you don't smoke, if you inhale second hand smoke it is enough to directly affect your pH level.

The lowest item on the chart is a regular soda - at 2.3 pH!

If you find you are consuming more acidic foods than usual, you don't need to throw in the towel.  If you just drink a lot of water with lemon, usually that will bring your pH back up where it needs to be.  That's just a tip for a quick fix and not a suggestion for a lifestyle.  The best thing to do is give your kitchen a complete overhaul and stock it with these wonderful alkaline foods.  They not only make great meals, but are good, quick snacks as well. 

Once you get used to preparing your vegetables, the rest is easy.  Wash and chop vegetables when you first get them home from the store so you don't have to mess with it later.  That way, the veggies are all ready for you when you need them.  The last thing you want to think about doing when you're hungry is prepare your food!  If you prepare ahead of time it just makes everything much easier. 

If you have never had your pH tested, it's quite easy.  There's a special test paper that you put in your mouth for a few seconds then remove it.  The more green the paper is, the higher your pH.

Try eating a high-alkaline diet and see just how amazing you begin to feel!  It really makes a difference not only in your physical wellness, but in your mental and spiritual wellness also.

Candy Cumming from Sharp Health Care tells us more about eating a rainbow!


It's SAXOPHONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you play, then play today!  If you don't play, enjoy some good sax today!!!  Yeah!!!





Kelly Booth said...

I have never had my Ph tested but would like to. Is that test something you can buy OTC?

I know you said following this type of diet won't cause the nerves to heal, but my guess would be that having a healthier environment for those nerves to live in would give the things that do cause nerves to regenerate a better chance!

Linda Palmer said...

There is special pH "tape" - it is on a roll - you buy OTC (I get mine from GNC) - it's quite inexpensive. Just tear off a little piece and put it on your tongue for a few seconds - that's it! The alkaline diet is supposed to slow the progression of neuropathy and prevent diseases such as cancer - it protects cells.