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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Yam What I Yam

There are some who do not believe I have been staying "on track" when it comes to topics of conversation on this blog.  While I do make it clear that I am a diabetic, I also make it crystal clear that this is a blog that will discuss the more general topic of wellness, which extends beyond diabetes.

Wellness covers absolutely every aspect of our being - from the more obvious physical health to the less obvious, such as environmental factors and mental health.  It's fine to focus on the physical aspect, but to ignore the mental and environmental pieces is to have an incomplete puzzle, in my humble opinion.

So you see, I am not off-course in my writing, but bang on!  I refuse to sit here and apologize for one single post in this blog - it is all centered around the main subject - wellness.  Just because I don't discuss my Type 2 Diabetes every day, that does not mean that I've taken a vacation from my disease (as much as I would love to do that) - !  

I met with a great deal of scrutiny and opposition the day I blogged about "Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day".  Well, there are some mornings when it seems my Type 2 Diabetes just does not "speak" to me - or "inspire" me particularly.  I happened to read about this fun stuff - and I felt inspired.  You see, having fun should be a part of dealing with chronic disease.  A group of very special people are in the process of teaching me that lesson - they know who they are.  I thank you!  The ability to play and laugh and have fun is key to complete wellness!  Lighten up!

When I first started blogging, all I talked about was my disease - usually the physical challenges.  But the more I read about overall wellness, the more I realized this is not just about a person's physical state.  It encompasses everything!  So when I wrote about the teddy bears, it was my... "diversion", if you will - from the reality of Type 2 Diabetes. 

I refuse to apologize for posting it!  I believe it is well within the given topic - wellness. 

Main heading:  wellness 
Sub heading:  mental health

Some have criticized me for using too much scripture in my posts.  Well, I think we all gain strength from some source - and the Bible just happens to be my go-to for wisdom and strength.  Without my God I could do nothing - I believe that.  If you don't - then so be it.  I don't tell anyone else they are wrong - so give me the same courtesy, okay?  Besides, truth be told - I probably use just as many quotes as I do scriptures.  I use what I think will drive my point home in the best way.

How would I categorize this post?  Oh it's definitely going to be:

Main heading:  wellness
Sub heading:  mental health

Do you sense a pattern emerging?  If my blog bothers you so much, you are invited to... not read it (what a concept).  No one is holding a gun to your head saying, "read this or die!"  There are some great blogs out there - and I wish mine was one of them.  I'm not the greatest writer on the planet - but I do read the blogs of some of the greatest writers on the planet!  I read and think, "wow, I wish I had thought of that" - but all I can do is just be myself.  Like Popeye said, "I Yam what I Yam" - and no, Popeye's quote is not from the Bible.

I like Popeye...  he eats spinach!!!

Enjoy this vintage Popeye cartoon, "Insect to Injury" - have a good laugh!  Laugter is the BEST medicine!


Depending on the kind of Monday you're having, you might like today's foodie holiday.  Today is NATIONAL DESSERT DAY!!!!!!!!  What is your favorite dessert?  Today may be the day to have just a little piece of dessert after your meal.  My suggestion would be to share - one dessert and two forks!  Share the fun - and the calories!



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