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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Test Strips in Strange Places

WELCOME TO MY BLOG!  I hope what I post here will help boost the moral and encourage all who face challenges and like me, are trying to live a healthier life.  Some posts will be informative while some may be a little, well...  silly.  But, hey, we all need a little bit of silly once in a while.  Some days, that's just what the doctor prescribed! 
Hands up, all who have aimed for the trash can when tossing a test strip, and had it miss and land on the floor.  Hmm...  yes, me too.  Good intentions and all that.

I make a concerted effort to find a trash basket for my used test strips, but alas... sometimes they lose their way and end up in the strangest places! They are so tiny and I don't think they like to go into the trash.  Where have you found some of your test strips?
I found a test strip acting as a bookmark.  Obviously, I could not muster the energy to get up out of my chair and get a real bookmark!

A couple of years ago I was in a hurry to get some ice cubes frozen and was frantically pouring water into trays.  When I popped one of the trays, there was a test strip frozen in one of the ice cubes.  Hmm... how did that get in there???

Sometimes I tend to just stick my testing supplies in my pocket when I'm on the go.  I've reached into a pocket more than once and pulled out a test strip or two that went through the washer and dryer!  I'm thinkin' they're no good to use once they've gone through all that!  Oops!!!

When was the last time you tossed a test strip in your salad?  Yes, I have!  Fortunately, it was not a salad that was tossed for company, but one I was tossing just for myself to eat for lunch.  I was mixing the dressing in the salad when I looked closely and saw the test strip.  I just sort of pulled it out and kept going!

Once I was holding on to my very last test strip for dear life - and it dropped right into the toilet.  Yeah - that was pretty much the end of that one.

Not long ago, I went in for an interview and discovered a test strip was stuck to the back of my slacks - right on the rear!  I made that lovely discovery after the interview - of course!  Yeah, I didn't get that job - can't imagine why!  And these things happen to me because... ???   

We travel once in a while - not extensively, but enough that I have a "go" kit ready at all times.  There is a special kit for my diabetic supplies and a seperate kit that includes make-up, deoderant and other toiletries.  I'm so careful to keep them apart, yet it never fails that there is at least one test strip mixed up in the make-up kit.  They love to hang out with the make-up for some strange reason. 

And how does a test strip get in my underwear drawer?  These are some of life's great mysteries!  And why would a test strip land on the stove?  No idea - but it provides a moment of lightness in an otherwise serious situation.  The test strips grow little legs (like centipedes) and walk all by themselves.  That's my theory!  Do not try to confuse me with the facts.

I've seen a test strip in the tub, on the floor of our pickup truck, and our vacumn has sucked up a few of them!  Do you toss your test strip in the general direction of the trash can or actually place it in there?  If you toss them, chances are, they will land a few inches from the trash can.  No one ever thinks they have to bend over and pick the test strip up when they miss the trash can.  What's with that?  Because it's just a tiny little strip, nobody's going to notice it stuck to the floor?  Uh-huh... I see.  Whatever.

On a more serious note, take a look at this video.  A digital story about type 1 diabetes.  God bless all of my type 1 friends.  I'm praying for a cure!


I'd like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Lucinda Berry Hill.  She is the author of a devotional book entitled "Coffee With Jesus".  She has agreed to share some of her poetry from time to time here on the blog - and I am thrilled!  I hope you are as blessed by her poetry as I am! 

Direction Given
I needed direction
You gave it to me.
I needed a reason
You led me to see.
You gave me an option

That I chose to take
With you here beside me
The first step I'll make.
It's scary to embark on
Something totally new
But I trust in you, Father
That you'll see me through.
You'll give me the courage
And confidence I need
To follow this plan
You've blessed me to see.
I'll give you the glory
For the goals that I reach
For without you to guide me
I could not achieve.
May others come calling
To you for a plan.
May you answer their prayers
And give them your hand.

Did you know that today is EMMA M. NUTT DAY?????  She was the first female telephone operator.  She was hired in 1878 by Alexander Graham Bell and was paid $10 a month and worked 54 hours a week.

September is NATIONAL PIANO MONTH!!!!!!!!!  I've been a pianist since I was 3 years old (just a few years now) and I've taught piano for more years than I like to admit.  If you've considered taking lessons, why wait?  You're never too old to begin and music speaks where words fail. 

Here's an actual Headline from one of our local newspapers:

Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers

That's enough to make a person think twice before crossing the street!

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