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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

The End was Just the Beginning

Sweet Peril 
by George MacDonald
Alas, how easily things go wrong!
A sigh too much, or a kiss too long,
And there follows a mist and a weeping rain,
And life is never the same again.

Don't be so quick to judge her for her sin.  That's not really your job anyway.  It's not mine either.  You know, the day that Jesus died on the cross and was buried seems like the end.  It must have looked like a defeat to those who were there.  At that point there was not a shred of hope for anyone on the face of the earth for salvation or redemption.  But looks can be deceiving and we all know that what seems to be is not always reality.  God was not finished and He is still not finished with His creation.  God was not finished with this woman.  He is not finished with you or me either.  It was only after God raised Christ from the grave that hope came to life! 

There is an excitement in the air on Easter Sunday for all Christians because we know without Easter and without the ressurection of Christ from the grave, we would all still be without hope and lost forever. A lot of neat events in my family happened on Easter Sundays.  My parents were married on an Easter Sunday in 1943.  I was born on an Easter Sunday.  That doesn't mean anything significant - I just think it's kind of cool.  April 2, 1961 was an Easter Sunday and I was born.  That's all.  Yes, my folks were married a good 20 years before they adopted me.  They were well established in their lives before I became part of it.   Then nothing was the same for them - arr arr arr!

The ultimate victory was the resurrection of our Lord.  This is why Christians have hope and this is where our joy comes from.   I'm thankful for my Christian heritage.  I'm thankful to God for showing me how to manage obstacles in my life such as diseases.  He's been so faithful to me and I know He is guiding me not only in the management of Dyslexia, PCOS and Type 2 Diabetes, but He is showing me how to manage it with style and grace and with a lot of humor.

My friend Lucinda Berry Hill and I were talking the other day about how God helps us get through difficult times.  I mentioned that one of the lowest points in my life was knowing that I would never have children.  I shared with her how God has a wonderful way of sending humor my way at times like that.  He knows I really need to laugh along the way instead of cry.  I'm thankful that He provides for me emotionally as well as physically. 

Take the opportunity this Easter Sunday to thank God for raising Christ from the grave and giving us salvation and hope for eternity.   We know that without Christmas there would not be Easter, but isn't there just something really wonderful about Easter?  It's almost like you want to say "Happy New Life" to your brothers and sisters in Christ - it's like happy new year, only better...  much, much better!



Eggs of Life
Yellow, orange, blue, and green;
Eggs are given every spring.
The special story that these eggs hold,
... Is the resurrection of Christ our Lord.

He has risen!
There is life;
New beginnings
Through Jesus Christ!

He sacrificed for you and me,
That we'd have joy eternally.
Purple, pink, red, and white;
Eggs of Easter---
The day of life!

  Lucinda Berry Hill author of devotional "Coffee with Jesus."

Please watch this wonderful video! http://youtu.be/Fq3lgmn_vMo          


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