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Monday, March 4, 2013

Store Owners Should Have to Pay a Fine

How can such a small item
make such a big difference?
As you know, I make an attempt to stay positive and let most things wash over me.  Life is too short to let every bump in the road distress you, right?  Honestly, I had decided that on Saturday when we went out of town I was going to be happy and carefree.  I was...  until I went into the bathroom stall from down under - and I don't mean Australia.

Ladies, how many of you set your purse on the floor - ever - on purpose?  That's what I thought.  I don't either - ever!  Actually, I have a handy little purse holder that I use when I'm out to eat.  If there's no room to put my bag beside me, I hang it off the table.  It never EVER touches the floor.

So, I went into this stall and looked around for a place to hang my bag.  The hook was gone!  There was not a place to hang it - anywhere!  I really really hate that!  If it had been a shoulder bag I could have just sort of "wore" it around my neck - it would not have been ideal, but at least it would not have been on the floor.  It was one of my short handled bags so I could not do that.  I wanted to hang up my coat as well - but that wasn't going to happen either.  I was getting frustrated.

I just sort of stood there thinking, "You know, there should be a fine that store owners have to pay for every hook that is missing from bathroom stalls!!!"  In fact, if a woman has to set her purse on the ground - that is inviting a public health hazard because heaven only knows what sort of germs and who knows what else you are picking up when you set your bag on the floor??? 

If store owners had to pay a "pubic health hazard FINE" - then you bet they would replace those missing hooks quicker than you could say "Mop that floor!"  But the hooks do not get replaced - and nobody cares! 

So, I took my coat off and threw it over the door (hoping no one would take a fancy to it and steal it) and tried to figure out what to do with my bag.  I looked at the awful dirty floor - it looked as if no one had mopped it for months!!!  I just could not do it - I just could not set it there!  Now, I know better than to do this - but I was desperate. 

I tried to hold my bag with my teeth!  Well, that was a mistake, because the weight of the bag loosened the cap off of my front tooth.  That should cost a pretty penny to get fixed.  So now, I not only have the bag, but I have this cap off my front tooth in my hand as well.  I not only have the issue with the bag, but I cannot smile for the remainder of the trip.  Now I'm really hacked.

If only I would have been carrying a shoulder bag!  I knew I couldn't get the bag over my fat head - I knew that wouldn't work - so I did the best I could - I stuck it just as far down on my head as it would go - sort of a hippie band looking thing with a bag hanging down - yeah, I think that look will really catch on this year!

I'm thinking "There had better not be cameras in this restroom - seriously!"  Somebody would be sending it to America's Funniest Videos for sure!  At this point I didn't care - whatever I needed to do - to do what I needed to do!

It's like what did I do to deserve this today???  I know what you're thinking - "Why didn't you go to another stall?" - Well - there were only 2 and the other one was occupied.  I'm pretty sure the lady in the stall next door was having a much easier time than I was.  I didn't hear any funny noises coming from that direction - but she sure heard a few funny noises from me!  I think I heard some muffled laughter coming from her direction, actually.  Can't imagine why!

There are a few things I notice when I go shopping.  I notice how clean a store is - the floors, shelves, etc.  I notice how organized the merchandise is.  Do they have things spread out where I can see things clearly or are things just sort of bunched up together and messy?  Finally - guess what my last item on the list is?  Yes - the restrooms.  Are they clean, well stocked and convenient?  When there is not a place to hang my bag and coat, I don't consider that to be convenient!  When the floors are so dirty you could write a distress message in the dirt - that's not good either.

I will not be shopping at this particular store again.  I will tell all my friends to stop shopping there and anyone who wants to know further details can message me on facebook.  I'd be glad to share details.  If I share on my blog, Google will delete my post.  I can't mention any names of stores or share brand names on blogspot.

The idea about a public health fine for not having properly equipped restrooms - a.k.a. a hook on the door - is a good idea in my opinion.  There needs to be a way to keep shop owners responsible for their property.  They owe women who do not want to set their handbags on the dirty filthy floor that much!  I mean, think about it - is it really that much to ask?

I'd love to send them my dental bill along with an explanation as well.  I won't, but I'd really like to! 

Obviously...  I need one of these!!!


 Today is HUG A GI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!  Show your appreciation to our troops. 

My friend and talented poet, Lucinda Berry Hill wrote this wonderful poem for her brother when he went to Iraq.  She has graciously allowed me to post it here today.  Lucinda is the author of the popular book of poetry, "Coffee With Jesus".

Keep Your Chin Up
When you're feeling saddened
Don't be in despair.

Keep your chin up
For comfort is there.
When you're feeling tired
Don't quit and lie down.
Keep your chin up
There's strength to be found.
When you face the enemy
Don't duck down in fear.
Keep your chin up
For courage is there.
When you need protection,
Your body and mind,

Keep your chin up
For there you will find
The hand of God
Holding you
In all of His love and glory.

Lucinda Berry Hill author of devotional "Coffee with Jesus."


Kelly Booth said...

I would send them a copy of the bill just for the fun of it – let them know because they didn’t want to spend $1 on a hook (probably 98 cents at you know where!), it cost you x amount in dental bills.

I try to avoid public restrooms at all cost – they are horrible. If I know it will be awhile, I avoid drinks!

Linda Palmer said...

Hahaha!!! I may send a copy of the bill - with an explanation! Oh my... the lessons we learn in the restroom, huh???

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