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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Naomi's Story

My purpose is to pay forward
all that I've learned in my
own life!  All I ask is that
you do the same.

Every day I pray that this blog will make a difference to a person who is newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  Please take a moment out of your busy schedule to read this testimonial from my friend from South Africa, Naomi E. Sinden.  Thanks! 

Naomi in 2012

Naomi in 2013
Cool, confident and in CONTROL!
A New Lifestyle With Diabetes Type 2
On July 9, 2012 my old life ended and my new life began. Here’s how it started. I had dry hands for quite some time. I knew something was wrong because the dry skin became worse and then the frequent urination started.  It quickly escalated to a point where it kept me awake at night and kept me out of work during the day. I consumed gallons of water but my thirst was never quenched. I also started losing weight.  I used to weigh 140kg the last time I weighed myself +- 3-4 ago. Then on the morning of July 9th I had it with all the urination and went to our local clinic. When I told the nurse about my problem she tested my sugar. It was 21.9, she was shocked. She ordered me to go for a urine test. She became quiet after the test and placed me on a drip and told me to drink as much water as I could and wait until she comes back to check on me.  About an hour later she checked and saw my sugar levels remained high and my veins collapsed.  
In that time the ambulance arrived. I was puzzled by the staring glazed looks and concerned expressions.  Only then another sister came and told me the ambulance is there for me.  Needless to say I was upset and started crying and then she explained to me the urine test revealed a toxin that is very harmful and their test showed it was very high and only in hospital it could be treated.  The test also revealed escalated protein and glucose levels. Test at the hospital confirmed the toxic ketones were +3. The doctor was not nice. He blurted out that I'm going to lose my hands, legs and my sight and that the ketones only needed another day then I would have been in a comatose state and died.
Now I was really freaked out because the phrases and condition was foreign.  I felt like a sinking ship. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 with serious complications. What freaked the doctor out was the fact that I felt 100% healthy except for the irritation of the frequent urination and constant thirst. I was hospitalized for 3 days where they struggled to lower my sugar levels. On the 3rd day I started to feel very sick and then my doctor became nicer.  He said I showed a positive reaction towards the treatment and was discharged.  I went home looking like a devastated sheep on her way to the slaughter house.  Armed with very little knowledge about my condition, metformin, glycron and insulin with syringes I was in a total fragile space.
Then my nightmare started.  I was scared of food and of my body.  I knew nothing about diabetes.  I had a few episodes where I lost all energy and just became weak not knowing it was hypoglycemic episodes.  I instinctively always reached for an orange.  The one fruit I didn’t like became my life saver when these “energy losing” episodes came.  My scheduled appointment with the diabetic nurse was 6weeks later.  The diabetic counselor was also diabetic and she then explained it was a hypo episode and it was very dangerous.  She gave me pamphlets and books about diabetes and a new world started to open up and the more I read the more insecure and scared I got.  I had to educate my 9 year old daughter on my condition.  She became scared and more protective.  She moved in my room, too scared to let me sleep alone.  Diabetes resembled a big monster that grew bigger and bigger within weeks and I franticly searched the web for more info how to accept my condition.  
I battled spiritually as to how could God curse me with this sickness and not give a cure.  I cried everyday because no one understood my fear and my concern and the resources in South Africa on diabetes was very little.  What upset me most was the fact that many family members were diabetic and in my community is a lot but no one lived a healthy lifestyle.  The other upsetting thing was people’s reaction to diabetes.  The myths were upsetting and shocking.  People whom I thought where my friends started mocking me for being over reactive.  I was armed with quite some facts about diabetes and their nonchalant and childish reaction to diabetes was hurtful.  Feeling alone and burdened I one day googled diabetic support groups.  I prayed to God to please direct me to a group that will be able to help me understand this condition.

Then something caught my eye… a blog of Linda Turner Palmer - she was a diabetic and invited all diabetics on her facebook group to have a chat and this was my first light in the darkness weeks after my diagnoses.  Linda accepted me on facebook and she was my life saver.  She showed me the way home, she shared her diabetic skills and knowledge, guided me in the darkness to life and gave me hope that there is a life with diabetes.  She was the fuel to my fire of life.  By just sharing her years of research on this condition and her own personal experience and directing me to diabetic topics I started my diabetic journey.  I read up on all the diabetic information I could get.  I compiled a file and from there on with Linda as my advisor I started my healthy life style.  I changed my attitude towards my condition, food and life.
My reward for changing my lifestyle is losing 34 kilos in exactly 9 months!  On the day of my discharge from hospital I weighed 130. I used to be a 46 now I’m a 36. Losing weight symbolizes something bigger than get getting slim.  Each kilo lesser means I’m another mile away from diabetic complications.  Within 9 months my entire life was transformed. 
I never thought I’d say this but my diabetes made me appreciate life more…I live for today, I feel more alive and I appreciate my health now more than ever. I don’t take my health for granted anymore. I got a second chance.
I’m not so strict on my food choices as I was when I was diagnosed but still very cautious what I eat and how much.  I try to stick to my alkaline diet but when ever I do indulge I make sure it’s on something that won’t affect my sugar level to drastically and that’s not harmful to my body in any way.  Every day is a learning experience.  Yes you get tired of living under the diabetic radar but you tend to get used to it.  I got my latest A1C result and I scored 7, meaning I’m in control of my diabetes!  
With my changed lifestyle I befriended the diabetic monster.
I can’t change my genetic response to him but I can sure as hell control my lifestyle. We have one mutual interest and that’s my body. If I look after it he can’t destroy it and for as long as I can I will keep on looking after myself.  
We cannot defeat diabetes but we can conquer the effect it has on our lives.
Love Naomi E. Sinden
PS: Thank you Linda for being the light in my tunnel.  We are continents apart but your light shined so bright it reached a sinking soul in South Africa.  I hope my story shines as a beacon on another sinking soul, because we all need some light on this dark way.
Love you my friend mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Dearest Naomi,
I can't take credit for your success because you and I both know that God brought us together!  I have a passion to share what has helped me to manage my Type 2 Diabetes and I'm so thankful I was obedient to do that (although I was a bit like Moses...  but LORD, I have dyslexia - I can't write a BLOG!)  Me of little faith!  Since I was obedient, God used what I wrote to help you.  I'm so thankful that you were obedient to manage your disease, Naomi.  God is certainly not through with you, my friend!  Not by a long shot!!!  Now - go and tell somebody else what you have learned!
Love you too, my friend!  Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
What foods are alkaline?
You are going to think I'm making this up - I assure you I am not!  Today is LIP APPRECIATION DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  No, it's not a typo...  that's really what it is.  No need to explain - is there???


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