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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Holy Week and Wellness of Spirit

Today is PALM SUNDAY.  Christians celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, the week before his death and resurrection. For many Christian churches, Palm Sunday, often referred to as "Passion Sunday," marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.
The Bible reveals that when Jesus entered Jerusalem, the crowds greeted him by waving palm branches and covering his path with palm branches. Immediately following this great time of celebration in the ministry of Jesus, he begins his journey to the cross. The Evangelists and critics generally agree that the Last Supper was on a Thursday, that Christ suffered and died on Friday, and that He arose from the dead on Sunday.

I'm always so honored to include the original poetry of my friend and author of the awesome devotional "Coffee With Jesus", Lucinda Berry Hill.

His Last Supper
What a wonderful man was He
Who came from Bethany.
In Jerusalem He was greeted,
"Blessed is the King."
They laid their cloaks across the ground
To show Him their respect.
They laid out branches, leaves, and palms,
A symbol of success.
He taught them all that they should know
Especially to love;
To love your neighbor as yourself,
And the Lord, God up above.
He ate with them a special meal
But before they sat to eat,
He went to His disciples
And with love, He washed their feet.
He shared with them the bread and fruit
That was poured into a cup.
He told them it was His last to drink
'Till His Father took Him up.
"This is my body," He took the bread.
"Do this and remember me.
This is my blood poured out for all;
My blood can set you free."
He warned them of the next few days
And promised them a friend;
A friend of truth and purity
Whose love would never end.
Together they sang hymns of praise;
Hymns of glory, peace, and honor
To the man that they had come to know
And the man that He called Father.
From there He took them on a walk.
He led them to a mount,
And on the lower slopes He prayed
In the garden where He knelt.
He prayed that He'd be glorified
So His Father would be too,
And the love that He had given Him
Would be given me and you.
And so this man who came to be
Our master, friend, and brother
Had shown His love to all of us
Even at His last supper.
Drawing by Marian Lynne Ballestero
Lancashire, UK
 I understand that not everyone celebrates Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday and Easter).  For me personally, my wellness of Spirit comes from a personal relationship with God.  It's not about religion, it's about relationship, and there is a big difference.  I would be amiss in my own mind not to mention this Holy Week and thank God for the wellness of spirit He has given me.  Inner peace and a contentment that knows no matter what happens, God has it all under control.  That is priceless and no one can take it away from me.

The events of Holy Week set to music.  Enjoy!




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