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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Wellness A-Z: S=Star in your Own Show

I should say this... in
WHAT language?????
S=Star in your Own Show
Listen - the bottom line is, God gave you one life to live.  This is it - the only shot you get to sparkle and shine like a star!  No matter what you do to make a living, you'd better make a decision to be a star in your own show - your own life!

Who will take better care of you than you?  The answer is - nobody.  I'm not for a moment suggesting that loved ones do not care, but there is a great deal of self-care that you are ultimately responsible for.  The wellness ball is in your court and it is completely up to you whether you will return the serve or miss it completely. 

A chronic disease like Type 2 Diabetes is not going to just magically take care of itself.  I'm not abandoning things like faith and hope and trust in God - no way would I do that - but I believe God gave me a capable brain to use in the management of my disease.  He does not want me to be a mindless individual just walking around ignorant to ideas that will benefit me.  I will continue to read and glean every speck of useful knowledge I can.  My arsenal will be well-stocked and I will not back down from the fight.

On this beautiful Friday, I want to challenge you to step it up a bit.  Re-visit and re-evaluate your habits.  It takes 21 days to create a habit, so be patient with any new habits you decide to embrace. 

Have you cut sugar out of your diet for the most part?  Today is the day to look through your kitchen and toss any processed foods that probably contain some form of sugar.  White flour has not been in my kitchen for years. 

How many healthy habits do you need to create?  Well, don't try to build Rome in a day - take one healthy habit at a time.  How much water do you drink every day?  Begin there - and squeeze a little lemon into the water so you can alkalize your body.  Remember - the more alkaline-based your body, the healthier your cells are and the better pain management you have. 

Do you eat a lot of red meat?  Cut the portion down to 6oz. once a week.  That seems drastic to some of you - but when you start eating more fish, turkey and chicken, you don't really miss red meat that much.  It's difficult to convince most men of this, but there are some pretty good meatless recipes out there as well.  Most macho men have to eat meat.  I could live without meat for a good long while!  I'd just as soon have fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.  

Type 2 Diabetics should not eat a lot of bread, pasta or potatoes.  Perhaps that is an area you could improve upon.  There are certain foods that cause blood sugar spikes which plays havoc with the delicate balance we try to maintain.  It goes without saying that simple carbohydrates need to be avoided as much as possible.  Things like desserts and candies should be eaten very sparingly if at all.

Have you moved at all today?  That may seem like an odd question, but it's amazing how many people go through their daily routine and don't take time to move on purpose and work up a sweat.  My mother used to say that ladies do not sweat, they glow.  Well, mom - I'm sorry - but this lady sweats - every day!  You have to do enough exercise on a daily basis that you break a sweat.  If you don't sweat during a workout, then you are not working hard enough.  I'm not saying that you have to be panting and ready to pass out.  You should need to have a towel handy to wipe your brow during exercise.  Break a sweat - it's okay.  You may actually begin to enjoy it!  You can always take a nice relaxing shower afterwards.

I invite you to play the lead role in your own life.  Nobody is a better you than, well...  you!  God created you to sparkle and shine with His love for everyone you meet.  Does anyone wonder why you are sparkling and shining today?  God provides all the tools you need to be the very best person you can.  Pick up the tool box and start creating healthy habits.  Make one lasting habit at a time.  It takes 21 days.  Get a calendar and begin marking off the days.  These are not huge commitments - just a lot of little ones.  When you put them all together though, you will begin to see some remarkable progress.

SPARKLE...  SHINE...  be the STAR in your own SHOW!

Revelation Wellness Rocks! 


February is AMERICAN HEART MONTH!!!!!!!!  My challenge to you is to exchange just one bad unhealthy habit for a better more healthy one.  Will you accept my challenge?  If by March you don't feel so much better, you can have your old unhealthy habit back, I promise!

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