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- Gretchen Rubin

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I am not a doctor - I don't even play one on TV! This
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Quenching Hunger and Thirst

I am so pleased that my friend Lucinda Berry Hill has given me permission to use a few more of her wonderful poems.  They are so rich in truth and wisdom for our hearts.  As we wrap up the week, let's just meditate on these words and let them speak to us.  Sometimes, no matter what type of eating disorder you battle - the type of hunger or thirst you really have is not physical, but spiritual.  Our souls need a certain kind of food that is not found in the refrigerator or the pantry.  This is the kind of food I want us to focus on today.  Thank you, Lucinda, for sharing your great poetry from your book, "Coffee With Jesus". 


Having a bad day, a bad week, two or three?
That may be your soul saying,
"Water me, I'm thirsty."
Feeling lonely today, more than yesterday?
That may be your soul saying,
"Splash me, I'm thirsty."
Are you dreading tomorrow, dreading next week?
That may be your soul saying,
"Soak me, I'm thirsty."
Don't ignore your soul, water it and see.
More time with the savior is all you may need
To get back your strength, to get back your peace .

For He has living water for all who believe.
OJ in the Morning
Give me OJ in the morning.
Give me OJ when I rise.

Give me OJ when I"m resting,

Only Jesus all the time.

Give me OJ when I'm working.

Give me OJ to be wise.

Give me OJ when I'm speaking,

Only Jesus, only Christ..
Give me Oj when I'm hurting.
Give me OJ to be strong.
Give me OJ when I'm tired,
Only Jesus all day long.
Give me OJ when I'm crying.
Give me OJ when I sing.
Give me OJ when I'm praying,
Only Jesus, He's my King.
Only Jesus.
Got Milk?
 Give me milk Lord.
It’s good for my heart.
I need it in the morning
To get a good start.
Give me milk Lord,
To make me strong.
So I can stand straight,
Firmly, and long.
Give me milk Lord,
So that I can share
With those who are thirsty,
To show them you care.
Give me milk Lord.
It helps me to grow.
It’s sweeter than honey,
More precious than gold.

Give me milk Lord,
To fill and uphold me.
My soul craves your word.
It calms and consoles me.
Give me milk Lord.
I thirst for your word.
Give me your milk.
Feed me oh Lord.
I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful poetry.  As I told Lucinda, I can talk a blue streak about health and wellness and do's and don'ts - but it would not speak to you the same way as her poetry will. 
Lucinda's book, "Coffee With Jesus" is a wonderful book of her poetry.  This is just a small sample of the great works contained in the book.  I have a copy on the coffee table in my living room and often stop in the middle of dusting to take a break, open the book and just let the poetry speak to my soul. 
You can find her book on Amazon.com or in your local Christian book store.
Have you fed your soul today?


Just a little reminder - March is NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH!!!!!!!!!  Eat the pretty deep colors of health every day.  Take good care of the one and only body that you've got!
Today is PEANUT BUTTER LOVER'S DAY!!!!!!!!  I want to encourage you to purchase the natural peanut butter.  Read the label carefully and do not buy the brand that uses hydrogenated oil.  Make sure you read the back label - don't just read the large print on the front!  Enjoy in moderation!


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